Has anyone seen this error

By gtechstuff ·
I have a user getting this error when trying to send an excel spreadsheet:

552 MS-Office file containing VBA macros found inside of the email

He can send the attachment to me which means that the proble is not coming from within their network.

I have tested this on our other network and through a gmail account and got the same response.

He claims he was able to send through a web based email but I'm not sure about that.

Thanks for any help on this!

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by rahouseholder In reply to Has anyone seen this erro ...

Some firewalls have an antivurus scanner that will remove all email attachments that have VBA macros embedded. I know Sonicwall firewalls have this capability.

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Other than Sonic

by gtechstuff In reply to Firewall

I've read that about the sonic firewalls

since we have a cicso firewall this would not be on our end since the user can obviously send the attachment to me without any issues.

Would this be without a doubt coming from the person who we are trying to send to.

There couldn't be anything on exchange that would do this. we don't have any filtering on the users server in question.

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If you and the end user

by Tig2 In reply to Other than Sonic

Are able to send between yourselves but not to a third person on a different network, I would check that the different network is not filtering or blocking. VBA is generally defaulted as a bad thing as so is frequently blocked.

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is there a way to bypass?

by gtechstuff In reply to If you and the end user

this user is being blocked by a firewall that blocks vba macros in smtp traffic. Is there a way to circumvent that? Or how can I go about removing the macros in the excel spreadsheet?

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You can try a couple of things

by Tig2 In reply to is there a way to bypass?

The receiving company may not block zip files- you could try re-packaging the file as a zip.

I don't think that you will get past the filter as is. I will also warn you that if they are blocking VB, they may also block zip files- lots of bad stuff was sent out in zips.

I assume that the macros are there because they are needed to perform some kind of calculation. I don't think there is a global way to turn them all off. I think that you have to get into the macro editor and kill them there.

But try this- have your user send to an internet mail account. It may work because the target LAN wouldn't see the traffic as smtp. Even if the destination doesn't allow web mail in the office, the recipient could access the file from home and drop it on a USB stick or disk.

If this is a file that needs to go back and forth a lot, the two end users should consider another transmission method or remove the VBS.

Good luck!

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If this is YOUR user

by jdclyde In reply to Other than Sonic

are they on the same LAN? If so, the email to you would never hit your firewall in the first place.

Get yourself a yahoo account and send it to that.

Anyone that would accept a excel/word file with VBS Macros in it is soon to lose their data because of viruses, and I can't blame the admin at the other end if he is blocking you.

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Not on the same LAN

by gtechstuff In reply to If this is YOUR user

No they are on completely different networks. However I have read where sonic firewalls block vba macros through smtp traffic. However the user claims to be able to send through hotmail. I cannot send through gmail. I have not tried yahoo. I wonder why that is

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Error 552 MS-Office file containing VBA macros found

by mliang83 In reply to Has anyone seen this erro ...

Try to look in to the Microsoft Technet, and search that error. You will found your answer to it. Just go to

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