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Has anyone sold their inactive Windows licenses back to MS? Windows tax

By aidemzo_adanac ·
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Was talking with one of my senior techs yesterday and he recently picked up a notebook that came bundled with Win7. He uses 'nix for the tasks it was needed for so he SOLD the preinstalled license back to Acer. As some may already know, they will buy back a licence if the computer is not booted and the EULA hasn't been accepted, an inactive license. usually only about $40-$50 but it's something. I had heard of this about 4 years ago but never really knew anyone who had done it, apparently they still do though.

I think that if it was common knowledge, it would flip a lot of common complaints upside down. People always complain they can't get the OS they want, preinstalled in a new machine, this would allow them to sell it back before activating, and they could then go ahead and wipe it and replace with whatever they want.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Has anyone sold their ina ...

"People always complain they can't get the OS they want, preinstalled in a new machine, this would allow them to sell it back before activating, and they could then go ahead and wipe it and replace with whatever they want."

That still won't get them the OS they want pre-installed.

And what's with this 'tax' stuff? If people buy cars that come with brand of tires they don't want, nobody refers to a 'Goodyear tax'. Nobody refers to a 'Kellogg's tax' for that lousy toy they didn't ask for.

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First of all

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Huh?

People who complain that they can't buy a box at Future Shop without buying Windows, when they would rather use Linux, CAN. Just sell back the license and add Linux as you wish, you are not FORCED to buy Windows.

As for TAX, that is what the buyback term was deemed by users when it was first brought out.

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by dogknees In reply to First of all

.. it won't be "pre-installed" which is what they want.

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I thought that's what I said,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to But...

but maybe it will get through when you try.

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I understood what you meant

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to I thought that's what I s ...

It's a moot point though. The people who whine about a preinstalled OS are usually people who want to use some flavour of 'nix.
To expect a big box retailer to provide a customer's flavour of 'nix is simply insane, who the **** would do that? You can't drag it back to the store for software issues, as it is not supported the same way Windows is either. You have to consider the average home user buying one.

And if it WAS preinstalled with 'nix, which version, which build, from whom? It's going to be a nonstop ***** session about which distro is preinstalled and why, everyone has different reasons for choosing various 'nix distro's.
With MS they just install the latest, with 'nix you install the latest, from whom?

So anyone using 'nix would have NO TROUBLE AT ALL installing it to a brand new box with a blank drive. if it was an issue, they just accept the Windows license and happily click away.

While many complaints are that the OS is Windows preinstalled, there have been just as many asking why they can't just buy a PC from a major retailer with nothing installed and WHY they are forced to pay for the Windows license, well they aren't. Bulk Windows licenses are added for a pittance but the PC manufacturer's themselves will offer some form of rebate if you deny activation and want a clean drive instead.

I thought you'd put that together from my original post so your focus on semantics would be unnecessary.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to I understood what you mea ...

I suspect that vendors who offered Linux pre-installed would require retailers to offer the same support options as Window systems. I'm with you on all the other points about which distro.

I don't think I've heard too many people asking for a system with no OS at all. Most of those folks usually build a system from scratch and start with a blank drive.

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Last time I checked, several months agao, most vendors did sell

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I understood what you mea ...

some systems with Linux preinstalled, but they were all either very low end hardware or very high end hardware (mostly server level stuff) and only available via their on-line shop and NOT available at all through any local retail seller.

And there are many non tech people who would love a preloaded Linux or Unix system, but can't buy them at local shops.

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A lot of times, you just don't see it

by jck In reply to Last time I checked, seve ...

Dell actually offers Linux as an option on lots of systems. But, you don't see it pushed. Part of their "partnership" with Microsoft. No one wants to upset Ballmer the Hutt.

Most major store chains have sales people who will push what they know. And, that's Windows.

You often have to seek Linux, but it is there if you look at it from several places.

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There's a prevalent tax

by jck In reply to Has anyone sold their ina ...

Everyone knows it.

Dumb taxes.


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"Dumb taxes"?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to There's a prevalent tax

Do you mean that all taxes are dumb, or are you referring to a tax on being dumb?

Around here, we call the second one an 'education lottery'. It's a tax on people who don't understand statistics and odds.

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