Has anyone solved Server 2003 R2 backup failures?

By john ·
I am running Standard Server 2003 R2 with file server, DHCP Server and domain controller roles. Periodically, after a few successful (or reportedly successful) backups, the machine will go weeks on end failing backups. The configuration is:
Physical Drive 0 -
c: [OS partition]
e: [Data partition]

Physical Drive 1 -
c: [OS partition Mirror]
e: [Data partition Mirror]

Physical Drive 2 -
k: Partition for NT Backup
m: Partition for Clone.

Examining the logs, it appears that c: backs up with no errors. e: begins to backup, then, around the 4 GB point, e: is reported invalid and the backup fails.

Thinking there might be something wrong with NTBackup, I tried Backassist, Norton Ghost, and Acronis software. All failed in different ways. The drive is definitely alive because the users access it on a daily basis. Has anyone experienced this set of circumstances and solved this problem?

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Have you tested the drive with it's makers Testing Utility?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Has anyone solved Server ...

Quite often when this happens it's been because of an issue with the HDD/Array so you need to keep on top of Hardware Failures.

Just because users can interminably access it during the day doesn't mean that it's working properly.

OH just a hint here if the drive fails the first test remove it fit to a different computer and retest.

If it fails the second test it's damaged and on it's way to Silicon Heaven but if it passes the second Test the HDD Controller, Data Lead or Power Supply is faulty and needs replacing.

Depending on how the server is configured it may be a Failing RAID Controller Card or a failing M'Board.

If it was just NT Backup causing problems here I would be saying use something else as I have found NT Backup to be unreliable. But as the others are involved here I would be looking at the Data Lead for the HDD particularly if this has a cheap nasty SATA Data lead involved. The good SATA Data Leads lock into the M'Board and HDD and probably more importantly do not go through a right angle bend at the connector.

They also do not look like an over sized figure 8 cable.


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