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Has anyone taken any NTGdirect courses for cert?

By lauren ·
I am considering taking some NTGdirect courses which are all online and a lot cheaper than New Horizons I am a hobbyist wanting to turn Network Admin or LAN administrator. I have a strong technical background in sales...any feedback regarding these courses would be helpful.


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Good stuff but here's a tip to save $$$

by TomSal In reply to Has anyone taken any NTGd ...

Hi Lauren,

I believe by NTG you are referring to Thompson NTg Direct (which was previously KnowledgeNet).

I have taken several online courses through them and as long as you are well-disciplined for self study, the courses are of excellent quality. Seriously I think they have the best offering right now on online-self guided study.

The presentation is excellent, the quality of the material is very high and with a broadband connection even the multimedia presentations are smooth and I experience virtually zero lag.

You want to take some Network admin courses you say?

May I suggest joining the IEEE computer society as an associate member (cost was $89 per year when I joined up in 2002, and I think its been the same every year so far).

But the cool thing is once you join up and are a member of the IEEE computer society you get unrestricted access to 100 KnowledgeNet (Thompson NTg) courses "free" (included as a member benefit).

This is a new benefit the society just started in 2004 (or late 2003 I forget, but its relatively new).

Plus for the member fee you also get access to full online copies of IT books.

All members get the society magazine "Computer" for free too its an annual 12 issue subscription deal.

If there are courses you want me to check out and see if its part of the "free" ones let me know.

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by ITJUNKIE In reply to Good stuff but here's a t ...

Check out SmartCertify

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NTGdirect Courses

by thom.east In reply to Has anyone taken any NTGd ...

Lauren, I am taking the NTG classes and I think they are laid out very nicely. I am MCP, MCSA, A+ and Network+ certified through reading and applying the techniqs in a lab setting at my home, but I wanted to try some online courses as well. NTG, in my opinion, is high quality material and the nice thing is you can download the courses to work on when your not on line. You also get full access to all of the ebooks covering many, many topics.

I haven't finished a course yet but, as soon as I do I will be taking the test.

I hope this helps


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by ITJUNKIE In reply to Has anyone taken any NTGd ...

I would be willing to show you some of my companies material if you would be interested. Let me know. We are alot cheaper than New Horizons as well.

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New Horizons sucks! Waste of $$$ if you ask me

by Why Me Worry? In reply to NTG

My company made the mistake of sending my and a few of my coworkers to New Horizons for Windows 2000 training. Anyway, the instructors were morons who didn't know anything, the manuals had a ton of spelling, grammar, and content errors and looked like they were written by some illiterate guy selling fake watches in Chinatown, and the computers in the lab were constantly crashing with the BSOD because whatever "genius MCSE" installed Windows on them was an idiot and did not bother to ensure it was a clean install. We wasted more time keeping the the PCs' from crashing than actually learning anything about Windows 2000 or Active Directory.

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My company just bought a whole curriculum for our dept

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Has anyone taken any NTGd ...

I am now doing Windows 2003 Server and Exchange 2003 Server. They are very informative, have audio, and give you little quizes and pre and post assesment tests to see if you learned anything. I would highly recommend the NetG learning courses. You can even download them to your local PC, so that you don't have to be connected to the web to use them. It's awesome because I can copy the downloaded files to a laptop and use it anywhere I go.

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