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    Has anyone tested Exchange 2003?


    by discussion ·

    How does Exchange 2003 differ from Exchange 5.5 or Exchange 2000?

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      Some problems with windows 2000 filter

      by billc ·

      In reply to Has anyone tested Exchange 2003?

      I got some problems when I installed
      ISAPI filter on windows 2000, it seems that
      the Exchange2003 ‘s Logon filter (OWA form logging) not so friend to my filter.

      If my filter launched, clients can not login.
      (http 500 error).

      If clients can login, my filter functions not
      work (Notifications I registered never wake up
      my filter).

      It’s very odd, I have to reboot IIS admin or
      Information store service even if I removed my

      By the way, I tested Titanium with windows2003 server, very well.

      As on windows2003 (IIS6.0) uses different worker processes to contain different filter, it runs

      I guess, OWA logon ISAPI dll has some bugs.
      Because it share the process (inetinfo.exe) with
      my filter.

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