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Has anyone tried Vista release version yet?

By Mr.Wiz ·
I've been running the release version of Windows Vista for about a week now. I haven't had any major problems and most of my software runs as is. I've only had to get a different anti-virus program and upgrade to Roxio EMC 9.0. The only other problem is with the U3 Launchpad software on my flash drive. The flash drive still works, but the launchpad won't.

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Nope , I will wait till the official version comes out

by Pcfreakske2000 In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

Nope , I didn't try Windows Vista yet.
I think I will wait untill the official release.

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by atnixon In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

Am currently running Vista Ultimate, and i have to say that its the best thing since sliced bread...Very impressed, bug free from my perspective..


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Vista Ultimate

by Anthony.V In reply to Yes

I am running Vista Ultimate RC2, everything ran well after the install; no crashes or bugs as of yet.

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Very expensive!

by leopmahon In reply to Yes

Having installed Vista RC2 I found that I would have to buy a new scanner, at least three apps and also replace my old Nikon LS30 film scanner. Even so, having used XP pro for nearly 5 years it still needs security updates on a monthly basis so it would unwise to believe the hype and buy Vista asap when it's available to all. Don't get blinded by the hype and eyecandy. WAIT!

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Vista release

by larryrk In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

I tried it and will have to upgrade. I have Matrox 400 and Matrox Video Tools. It does not recognize Matrox Video Tools and so many programs do not run. Will have to replace the graphics board. I uninstalled it and went back to XP.

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Work PC

by robbkeefer In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

I'm using it right now at work; business edition. Seems pretty snappy on a P4 Evo with 768M of RAM. I do miss the Aero glass interface, though...

I'm not sure if I'll upgrade at home; drivers aren't out for all of my hardware yet (Creative is particularly slow on the X-Fi, and Ideazon probably won't release drivers for their ZBoard keyboards until Vista hits retail). Nor am I all that certain I want to further support Microsoft when given the choice.

I'll probably keep XP at home until Creative releases X-Fi drivers for Linux next year, then evaluate migrating. By then, most of the games I play now should have moderate support in Wine/Cedega...

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Yes - highly surprised

by rwyatt In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

I was the guinea pig here at the firm.
I installed Vista Business. I'm the Manager of Web Applications and installed everything from Office 07 to Adobe CS2 and even Macromedia Studio 8.

I also installed Roxio EMC 9 - however - discs written with it appear to be blank on the same machine when re-inserted. Strange.

The only other problems are that Trillian and Adobe (Macromedia) Fireworks 8 turn off 'Aero' features.

Also running it at home to test out - works like a charm.

I'm VERY surprised about how snappy it has been.

One interesting feature is that it now works similar to my Red Hat Enterprise servers @ work in that it takes ALL available RAM and then caches what it doesn't need. I don't think XP did that - and if it did - it wasn't represented in Task Manager -> Performance.

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I had issues with Roxio and XP

by aa8vs In reply to Yes - highly surprised

The XP would not install until the Roxio programs were removed. The EDS support guy said they would have to install them later. I have been using XP at home and said, the XP has the drivers for read/ write to CDs built in. So I have eliminated my 'written to- black disk problem'

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Running Vista Business VLA version

by mdavis In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

Still using XP Pro on my Desktop as that is my main PC... But I loaded Vista Business edition on my laptop along with Office 2007. I must say that the experience is a pretty good one. It is visually stunninng and I am just beginning to explore the advanced config capabilites of the Vista Firewall.

Thumbs up so far...

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Hardware is only got ya...

by s-f In reply to Has anyone tried Vista re ...

Have Ultimate RTM running on an Toshiba R10 Tablet and a new HP Pavilion dv6000... Video Card is not supported on the Toshiba, so no Aero, and the automatic screen orientation program for the screen crashes Vista (disabled it and change screen direction manually)... On HP, everything works except for when lid closed on laptop, the screen won't turn back on unless a force the PC into sleep and then wake it up... These are both driver issues that I'm sure HP will fix and Toshiba will ignore (because it is an old laptop)

Otherwise, my only complaint is lack of good 3rd party firewall...

Good overall I think...

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