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    Has anyone used or tested any “pcvive” products yet?


    by some _it_guy ·

    Here is the website The idea sounds really cool but do they acually work? Here is the introducion fron the website:

    “Just as your nervous system heals a cut on your hand without you thinking about it, PC Vive self-heals the operating system of your computer to a known-good state, on every reboot, in less than 8 seconds.

    Self-healing provides the following benefits:

    increased availability
    increased stability
    elimination of system degradation
    reduced support costs
    increased reliability
    reduced likelihood of identity theft
    increased privacy
    peace of mind

    PC Vive protects a computer in a known-good state by eliminating any changes to that system on every reboot. This allows PC Vive to protect your system from spyware and viruses in addition to normal system degradation. Spyware is a serious concern and can be handled by PC Vive.”

    There is a pci card and a software version for laptops.

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