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    Has Microsoft declared war on Adobe??


    by susan_shemin ·

    With my last Windows 10 Home update, the association for .pdf has been changed to Microsoft Edge!! Which means my PDF opens, but there’s no Acrobat icon open on the taskbar. Meaning you have to find out where it opened.

    In addition, all my Photoshop extensions were disassociated with Photoshop and forcibly moved to Microsoft Photo. .png was easy to change, but with .jpg I did a right-click, and Photoshop wasn’t in the list of program to choose!
    Now I have to research how to get .jpgs to point to Photoshop.

    Someone out there must know some Microsoft and Adobe top personnel to bring this to their attention.

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      How to reassign by file type

      by captaindw ·

      In reply to Has Microsoft declared war on Adobe??

      Welcome to Windows 10, where it tries to prioritize all functions through Microsoft products. However changing these associations permanently isn’t as difficult as it sounds, just sorta hidden away. Simply go to your Windows Search Bar and type in default apps or right click your windows icon and select Apps and Features then select Default Apps. Change Photos to Adobe Photoshop

      Select Default Apps by file type at the bottom. Here you can reassign the file extensions to your proper program. For pdfs scroll down to .pdf and change to Adobe Acrobat Reader

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