Has MSGTAG been discontinued?

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Is anyone aware of what has happened to MSGTAG? I bought MSGTAG Status some years ago. It is a very effective and useful tool that tags outgoing emails and tracks when the recipient opens them. It is a Windows program, installed on a PC and links in to any email client.

Four weeks ago, it stopped tagging emails and the web site, seems to be offline, although the domain is still registered. I cannot see any announcement or other (recent) information on the web.

Does anyone know if it has been discontinued or any other reason why it has stopped working?

Thanks, Stephen
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MSGTAG - Not Working

by mcwtech In reply to Has MSGTAG been discontin ...

Hello, I have had the same problem, and as you indicated it began about 4 weeks ago. This morning I tried to use MSGTAG to send a message to their support (, and received an "undeliverable" message from Outlook.

Like you, I would like to know what has happened and if it will be corrected.

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MSGTAG information

by rydan1400 In reply to MSGTAG - Not Working

I have replied to a post by user "345011" with what I have learned about MSGTAG over the last 10+ years. If you haven't seen my post, please have a look at it as I am sure it will be of interest to you.

As I stated to him; if I discover any further information, I will post it back here for him and you, and I ask you to please do the same if you find out anything we could use.

Hope that helps a little for you. Cheers,


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Yes....MSGTAG has been discontinued, but.....

by rydan1400 In reply to Has MSGTAG been discontin ...

MSGTAG has actually been out of business for many years; if my memory serves me correctly, I would say at least 10 years at this point and probably longer. Like you, I bought this program years ago and have found it to be indispensable and was so disappointed when the MSGTAG server went offline for the first time, which was that same time period of about 10 years ago. At that time I emailed their support email address (MANY times) and I scoured the internet trying to find answers - there were not many. From what I could figure out, the guy who created the program has basically "dropped it" completely and went to work for another company. I even went as far as getting his new work email address and emailing him there (thinking "hey, I PAID him for this program and he got my money, I have no issue asking him what is going on"). I never did get an answer, but I discovered the server began working again a couple of weeks later. This has happened SEVERAL times over the last 10 years. It will go out of service for a while and then suddenly begin working. However, I have always been worried each time that this could be the last time, and I am no different about it today. I can only HOPE it "clicks" back into action again, but there truly does not seem to be anyway to get answers or resolution. I am just going to keep waiting and hoping it begins working again like it has in the past.

I have done so many searches regarding this issue over the past 10 years, and here I am doing it again. If I discover any updates, I post back here to let you know; and will ask you to do the same should you find out anything. "Fingers crossed" for now....not like we can do anything else! And believe me, I have tried all the "similar" programs/solutions out there, NONE of them work as easily or as well as this one....such a shame to let a great little tool like this just go to waste!


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4 years at most

by Medest?21 In reply to Yes....MSGTAG has been di ...

Hello, I have had the same experience as everyone else, MSGTAG stopped working at least a month ago, I think longer in fact. And I also had the same experience several times in the past, each time for a short duration, a day or less.

One difference with the previous post is that I had a reply from the MSGTAG support as recently as April 2015, from a fellow named Simon.

All the best

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Simon’s email

by cvodave1 In reply to Yes....MSGTAG has been di ...

Like you I paid for this twice and if you have Simon’s email please share. Maybe if we all reach out to him he will get it back on line.

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I'm Gutted, it was a great service

by will1560250899 In reply to Has MSGTAG been discontin ...

I loved this program and I have used it for donkeys years. Gutted that it has been abandoned. I would pay a yearly subscription for this because it was so handy. It's great when someone tells you 'Oh, I didnt get that email' ; well actually you did, you read it at 10:45 2 minutes after I sent it. :)

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Quite Sad Indeed

by ed In reply to Has MSGTAG been discontin ...

Been using this since early 2000s. Came in quite handy during my divorce LOL

Be interesting to know what the final nail in the coffin was. Can somebody recommend an alternative service that doesn't break the bank?

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by roby1562399640 In reply to Quite Sad Indeed

I have had a very similar experience to yours.
I actually purchased MSGTAG STATUS 2 shortly BEFORE the program went offline...
I subsequently sent lots of emails to their support address to no avail.
Have you had any suggestions for an alternative program that you asked for on your post?

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Replacement App

by ed In reply to MSGTAG

No I haven't gotten any feedback.

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Is there an alternative?

by sescandonm In reply to Has MSGTAG been discontin ...

If msgtag is out of bussiness, is there a similar program at market?

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