Has my motherboard died?

By p margeson ·
I was working on my computer when I was called for dinner. On my return, the monitor was indicating it had gone into "low power" mode. I thought the machine had perhaps gone into hibernation, but it refused to "wake up". I tried to reboot it, I could hear the fans working, and the drives began, but the screen flashed the above message and then went blank. The lights on the keyboard did not turn on at all, and the optical mouse did not "go red" as was expected. I unplugged it from the mains, plugged it in and tried again, still nothing. Tested the monitor, it works fine. Took the power supply unit out and tried it with another, still does not boot or turn on the monitor. The motherboard is an ASRock K7S41GX with anAMD Sempron 3000. The machine is only used for general office requirements so ??40 for a new motherboard (if that is the problem) would seem reasonable. Another small issue, when I purchased the computer I paid for a full MS office(icluding outlook, access and publisher) to be installed. MS tell me that this software was for this machine only and if I buy a new machine I have to buy office again. I cannot even access my old outlook correspondence which I need.

Any help really would be appreciated

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lets work on the hardware issue first

by markp24 In reply to Has my motherboard died?


the system not booting, i recommend the following steps
1) unplug the system, remove all add on cards (network cars, sound card, etc, reseat the video card (if its not an intergrated one) then remove and reseat the ram, un plug the hard drives data and power cables also, so you should have a system with just the cpu, ram and motherboard. plug the power back in, and see if it powers up to a bios screen. (you may get a disk falure message, this would be ok as we disconnected the hard drives.

if step 1 works, power it off, plug in the hard drives and again power it up
then if it powers up add in one of the addon cards , and test again, repeat this until all all the add on cards .

let me know how it goes and we can continue from there.

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And also, don't forget

by robo_dev In reply to Has my motherboard died?

To unplug ALL USB devices.

I've seen many older PCs get stuck when booting if there is a USB printer or even USB memory stick plugged in.

Most motherboards have a jumper to reset the CMOS to factory default, if possible reset it.

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to And also, don't forget

Good point!!! I forgot those two points! thank you!

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Did I misunderstand the OP's post?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Has my motherboard died?

I thought they said that they tried the PS in a different system and it still failed to boot.

Surely that Indicates a Power Supply fault and it needs replacing.


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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Did I misunderstand the O ...

Hello Im reading it differently, I read it as he tried a second power supply in the same system, Lets see what p margeson replies with.. good poitn to review

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@p margeson.... PLEASE UPDATE

by saurabh_2507 In reply to Has my motherboard died?

hi margeson,
please update us with your results on the instructions given by markp24 & robo_dev.

Please remove the round cell[battery] also which is on the motherboard. Remove the power cable while doing so. And put the battery back again after 15 secs. Switch on the system with only the CPU & battery on board. Dont put the RAM & try to hear if it gives a long beep sound. If u can hear the beep then ur motherboard is OK. If no sound at all then something is wrong with the motherboard only.
Please update us for further instructions.
I agree with markp24 about the power supp. thing. He has tried another power supp in same system.
Since everything is onboard, he wont be having many cards in slots. But he will be having USB devices for sure.

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Has my motherboard died

by p margeson In reply to Has my motherboard died?

Wow, you guys are fast. Ok, just to re-iterate, I did try another power supply unit, but the computer still would not boot.

There are no other cards on the system, the ASRock has everything I need built in. I disconnected both the power and the data cables to all of the drives, removed the battery and left it out of the machine for 3 minutes, and removed both RAM sets and tried to reboot, no sound at all. I then put the ram in and tried again, still no sound at all. I then re-connected everything (in the faint hope that it might just be one of those silly technical glitches) and tried it again, but alas still dead.

On the subject of USB devices, the machine has 6 usb portsand has been used regularly with printers, flash drives, cameras, scanners and voice recorders with no issues.

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Has my motherboard died

just curious did you try to reseat the CPU (check the pins (if that one has any) to ensure none are bent) and confirm pin 1 is at the correct corner of the socket.

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Re: Reseating the CPU

by Slayer_ In reply to Has my motherboard died?

Be very careful with this, one mistake and you can bend the pins. My friend once tried to clean his dells CPU fan, he thought the clamp attached to the plastic fan was all that held it on, he released the clamp and the heatsink fell down with the fan, taking the CPU with it and bending the pins. He was forced to bring it into a shop to have the pins straightened and the CPU re-seated.
I recommend trying everything else before trying that.

But since you did not hear any system beeps (you have a system speaker right???) when you tried booting without any RAM, I would suspect your motherboard, or your CPU is dead. Buying a new motherboard and CPU would be the most cost effective solution if either is the case.

Also note that your Windows system will likely be unbootable after you replace your motherboard. You may be able to boot in safemode and backup your files before reinstalling Windows. I am unsure if Win7 has this option, but if its like XP, you should be able to install overtop of the existing install. This will leave your files intact (though you may lose your profile) but it will erase your registry, requiring you to reinstall most of your programs.

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Re: Reseating the CPU

hi Sinisterslay - the speaker, very good point, my ASUS board didnt have a built in speaker, but did have one you connected to the front panel pins, with out that , there are no beeps, very good point to double check for that.

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