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Has "social networking" gone to far?

By Jaqui ·
A friend told me about putting stuff in her wishlist, but not for a particular store site.

Nooo, she had to go use a site that will keep your list for ANY store.

What's up with that?
Are people just that greedy they have to beg for people to buy them things?

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Yes, they are that greedy

by jdclyde In reply to Has "social networking" g ...

Is it any wonder so many people are over extended with their credit and are living pay check to pay check? No, not really.

Everyone sees all the CRAP on TV and HAVE to have it all.

"Stuff" won't fill the empty meaningless void that is their miserable existences.....

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wouldn't that

by Jaqui In reply to Yes, they are that greedy

depend on what "void" you are talking about? ]:)

oh, life void not body cavity void.

never mind. ]:)

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Good answer, good answer

by OnTheRopes In reply to Yes, they are that greedy

Not sure why but I was surprised you said that. Shows how little I know. B-) <br>

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Teaching an old dog new tricks?

by jdclyde In reply to Good answer, good answer

I am an immature perverted geek, not materialistic. B-)

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I'm lobbing you a soft ball, JD..

by maecuff In reply to Yes, they are that greedy

Filling the void with 'stuff' continues to be less attractive the older I get. I care very little for material things. (Trust me, if any of you could see my house, you'd believe me). Our dining room table was bought at a yard sale for $5 over 10 years ago. I don't care if my dishes match. My furniture is barely functional, because it's pointless to buy anything new as long as I have boys in the house.

Of course, we won't discuss purses and shoes. But, we ALL need a hobby, right? Even if it's a terribly shallow hobby.

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Swings, and misses

by jdclyde In reply to I'm lobbing you a soft ba ...

I have no problem with your shoes/purses. If you find something as simple as that to make you happy, who am I to rain on that parade?

I like knives and add to the collection all the time. Got a cool one my brother brought back from Equidor for me when he was stationed at the embassy. Of course, your "hobby" is a little easier to take out in public.... ;\

Furniture? Two years ago, I didn't HAVE any furniture. Everything I have now is from friends and relatives. They are comfy.

I am more about FUNCTIONAL "stuff" now, like outdoors cloths for me and the Things. Stuff so we can DO stuff.

The thing I WANT now is a kayak.

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JD, you missed the pitch COMPLETELY

by maecuff In reply to Swings, and misses

I said something about 'as I get older' that's what I thought you jump on.

With that being said, I agree with you. Buying a nice dining room set vs going away with my family for the weekend? The trip ALWAYS wins..

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Let it slide

by jdclyde In reply to JD, you misse ...

well, actually, I was distracted and completely missed it. I was thinking of showing shoes.... ]:) oh my.....

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Do more with less.

by TonytheTiger In reply to I'm lobbing you a soft ba ...

Work it! Live it!


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by Jessie In reply to Has "social networking" g ...

this is a friend of YOURS we're talking about...

Me, I just want people to sponsor my head-shaving for St. Baldrick's in March.|21904

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