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Has the turnaround begun?

By paul.baldwin@techrepublic ·
IT consultants are often the harbingers of economic change. When consultants can easily find work, conditions are generally improving or already good. When consultants are struggling, the economy is usually beginning a down cycle. Have you begun to see the turnaround, or is there more uncertainty ahead? Join our discussion.
Paul Baldwin
Editor, IT Consultant Republic

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Still Uncertainty....

by LiquidSignal In reply to Has the turnaround begun?

I see more consultants each week working to get fewer projects. I think we'll see the turnaround begin about the middle of January.

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it may have started...

by grouchyman In reply to Still Uncertainty....

i was laid off in march and didn't get many bites until this past week. now i have three potential contracts, two of which came thru a consulting agency and the other via networking. all this happened in the past several days so it may be a fluke or the beginning of a recovery. who really knows.

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Hit or Miss

by smmurphy In reply to it may have started...

I switched from contract consulting to internal corporate consulting last year due to a lack of contracts. I have not seen a great increase in available contracts yet, and the contract consults are not getting their contracts renewed where I'm working. I do see improvement in limited areas, but over all I do not see anything turning around yet.

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Still early...

by Pandadude In reply to Still Uncertainty....

Don't hold your breath.

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by dbiddle In reply to Still Uncertainty....

I think consultants would be the first to know a recession is coming and the last to know it is over.

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Has the turnaround begun?

by NKQX57A In reply to Has the turnaround begun?

I have not seen any indication of an overall turnaround. More looking for less work each day. The only bright spot is the Federal Gov. this area has picked up since 9/11, especially in the classified IT environments.

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Yes, in certain areas

by HDA In reply to Has the turnaround begun?

In certain mission critical areas, there has been an imprivement. These areas are marketing applications or areas which do not require large investements.

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Picking up

by Ron Biava In reply to Yes, in certain areas

Since Thanksgiving I have seen a modest increase in activity. Most are "no brainer" projects that are relatively small ( <$1M) and have very short payback time. Pricing pressure has also relaxed somewhat.

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More bites, but no catches.

by elbone In reply to Yes, in certain areas

I have been laid off since March of last year. Lived in the Silicon Valley area. Moved to LA. Im beginning to go on more interviews, but nothing yet. Once they find out my past rates, they feel I would leave if something better than what they were willing to pay came along, which is not the case. I just would like to get back to work. I never give up, though, just have to keep on trying.

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Still sliding

by flang In reply to Has the turnaround begun?

Many businesses are continuing to feel the impact of a recession. The events of 9/11 and the war on terrorism have exacerbated the decline in many industries with the exception of security and defense. I don't expect to see a turnaround until late in the 2nd quarter of 2002. Until consumer demand returns, and fear of travel abates, we will continue to see a lower demand for IT resources, particularily consultants.

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