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Has to be

By santeewelding ·
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That The Powers are equal, now, to what is coming through the door, and not what came before.

The place has been made safe for the meek and incoherent, not to mention Lip plumper, who is featured as a Water Closet headliner.

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Lip Plumper

by AV . In reply to Has to be

I'd like to send all the TR PTBs some lip plumper in honor of their upgrade.


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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Lip Plumper

I tried to give that a '+', but it didn't take. That there is a highlight of my evening AV. :^0

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My evening, too

by santeewelding In reply to Lip Plumper

I think I will spend it reeling!

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I've gone back to reporting sspammers to their hosts

by seanferd In reply to Has to be
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They're working harcd to get rid of this nasty infestation...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Has to be

of "regular" users...
S'working, too.

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Sort of.

by seanferd In reply to They're working harcd to ...

Now they are left with us chatterboxes. Maybe it didn't quite go as planned.

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Sorry man...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Sort of.

getting kinda hard to keep this up.
If there was a place to go, bringing everybody along, I'd jump ship in a second.
I swear they laced the place with kryptonite...

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Lip plumper vs.

by GSG In reply to Has to be

well, I can't find a way to say it delicately except as "self-pleasure" cream, that I saw on here a week or two ago.

The site changes did do one thing. I've not seen much of the "come here to wherever India for a training class", or "help me crack this password", or the one with all of the smart phones for sale. Now it's lip plumper and special creams.

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"Special" creams

by Tigger_Two In reply to Has to be

That one is back again today. Seems to be related to the Lip Plumper one.

What kills me is that they get flagged but never removed. What happened to "Message has been deleted"?

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If they did remove them

by AV . In reply to "Special" cream ...

There wouldn't be that many posts left and that would look bad. I've noticed that nothing gets deleted anymore. Maybe no one is moderating the site.


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