Has vista sp2 update has corrupted volmgrx.sys?

By dawsy95 ·
I have been tuning up a Vista Home Premium pc that had not been updated for a while. Windows Update prompted to update to SP2 and duly completed the download. It then prompted for a restart. During the close down it continued to install SP2 updates (as I believe it should) and it then restarted.

However, on restart it went into startup repair and then reported that it could not be repaired automatically. Looking at the Diagnosis and Repair Details shows:
Boot critical file c:\windows\system32\drivers\volmgrx.sys is corrupt.

Restoring to an earlier configuration is not working even though the SP2 update said it had created a Restore Point, and there is way too much stuff installed on this PC for me to be able to just start with a fresh install without it causing major headaches.

How do I repair this if the startup repair utility cannot do it automatically and I cannot boot into Windows to do it from there? Has anybody else had experience of MS update causing such problems?

The PC is a MESH with an AMD Athlon X2 processor, 4Gb RAM, running Vista Home Premium. The boot sequence does not give access to an inbuilt system recovery option and pressing F8 during boot asks you to select the boot device rather than giving access to safe mode etc.

Thanks for your help.

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You can do a Manual Rebuild of the OS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Has vista sp2 update has ...

If Vista is anything like 7. Just insert the Vista Install Disc and when prompted rebuild the system from that.


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Reponse To Answer

by dawsy95 In reply to You can do a Manual Rebui ...

Thank Col and Oh Smeg( perhaps I should have signed up with the user name Doh!). Unfortunately we don't have any Vista media. It was an OEM installation on a new PC with no media provided and no evidence of a recovery partition/routine either! I have a Windows 7 upgrade DVD but that will only run from within Vista (which I cannot access) unless I want to do a clean install (which I'm trying to avoid). I can't even ask Microsoft for help without parting with a ridiculous amount of money for what will probably be a 2 minute conversation!

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System Restore using VISTA DVD(works in win7 too)

by dharam_yadav In reply to Has vista sp2 update has ...

Reinstalling Windows should be the last resort considering your situation, so one thing you can try is boot from the Windows Vista DVD and on the "Install Now" screen choose "Repair my Computer" option in the bottom left(small fonts). It will ask you Admin login credentials and then choose the appropriate installation and you will be prompted with some repair options, use the second option(usually) "System Restore" choose appropriate restore point
NOTE : System Restore Applet screen takes considerable time to load so be patient !!
All the best :)

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Just something to consider

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Has vista sp2 update has ...

It was an OEM installation on a new PC with no media provided and no evidence of a recovery partition/routine either!

This isn't legal. M$ specifically state with all new systems sold with their OS installed there has to be a Recovery Option.

Originally they all supplied a Install Disc which was then changed to a Recovery Disc and then a Recovery Partition.

But if there is no recovery Option at all you either don't have a Legit Copy of Windows or the supplier is in breach of the Agreement with M$.

I know all new systems that I supply go out with a M$ Supplied Install Disc and a Slipstreamed Install Disc for that System. The Slipstreamed Install Disc can not be used to repair the system but can be used to reload it without the need to apply additional Drivers. The M$ Disc is used to repair the system. I don't need to supply the Slipstreamed Disc but I most certainly do need to supply the M$ Branded Install Disc.

If I was bigger like HP/Dell or so on I could supply a Recovery Disc and not the M$ Supplied Install Disc or I could just place that Recovery Disc Image on a Recovery Partition.

Either way talk to whoever built the system or M$ for a solution here. I'm not sure about your area but here M$ when told of things like this will supply the complainant with a Legit Copy of the OS provided that they supply all the required information that is necessary to start a legal Process against the supplier of the system.


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