Has vista sp2 update has corrupted volmgrx.sys?

By dawsy95 ·
I have been tuning up a Vista Home Premium pc that had not been updated for a while. Windows Update prompted to update to SP2 and duly completed the download. It then prompted for a restart. During the close down it continued to install SP2 updates (as I believe it should) and it then restarted.

However, on restart it went into startup repair and then reported that it could not be repaired automatically. Looking at the Diagnosis and Repair Details shows:
Boot critical file c:\windows\system32\drivers\volmgrx.sys is corrupt.

Restoring to an earlier configuration is not working even though the SP2 update said it had created a Restore Point, and there is way too much stuff installed on this PC for me to be able to just start with a fresh install without it causing major headaches.

How do I repair this if the startup repair utility cannot do it automatically and I cannot boot into Windows to do it from there? Has anybody else had experience of MS update causing such problems?

The PC is a MESH with an AMD Athlon X2 processor, 4Gb RAM, running Vista Home Premium. The boot sequence does not give access to an inbuilt system recovery option and pressing F8 during boot asks you to select the boot device rather than giving access to safe mode etc.

Thanks for your help.

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Startup Repair: frequently asked questions

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Has vista sp2 update has ...

Hope all goes well. Please do a backup of EVERYTHING when you get it running such as an image (or clone another drive) so that you do not get in a mess next time.
Backup software such as:

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Reponse To Answer

by dawsy95 In reply to Startup Repair: frequentl ...

Thanks for your advice. I've downloaded a disk imaging system but have not yet been able to recover my system.
The problem is apparently with a file called volmgrx.sys, which has become corrupted. The problem is that I cannot just replace it with a known good copy because it is protected in some way and denies access to do so. It also seems impossible to change the permissions on the file because all options are greyed out when looking at the file properties. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this problem? It seems ridiculous to have to trash the entire system because of one corrupted file.

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