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Over 12 years - a reflection

by md_hashim In reply to Hashim's Musings

<p>Today, the 5th of December, 2005 marks 12 years, 4 months and 16 days of having started my IT career.</p>
<p>So what does IT mean to me after this period? </p>
<p>It wasn't IT when I started - it was just Computers. DOS and SCO Unix. Everyone worked on a standalone machine, carried files on floppies - the real floppies! - and were command prompt experts!</p>
<p>Then came Win 3.1. Using a mouse, seeing graphic data and using word processing and spreadsheets became routines. The 4 and half inch floppy became compact - 3 inches and people began trying to "link" computers.</p><p>Windows 95 followed and brought in the era of GUI. Drag and drop of objects delighted us all - we were slowly but surely forgetting the DOS command prompt! Networks became a rage. Connecting to each others computers to share files made life simpler.</p><p>Then came the Internet - computers became Information Technology machines! Mail, ftp, chat - communications reached a new high. Walking around in office was a rare phenomenon.</p><p>This was followed by the boom and a couple of years later the crash. Internet websites mushroomed to do all kinds of business. Those that sustained are major IT players today!</p><p>ERP - that set in next - promised the nerds in IT the moon in automation. It is surely and steadily stabilizing.</p>

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Over 12 years - a reflection

by parthiv_13 In reply to Over 12 years - a reflect ...

<p>Wow. I have been in touch with computers from IBM PC-XT. It was my primary schooling 4th standard in 1988. I was playing DONKEY game with only spacebar to use and now kiddaz having 3D games with HIGH end definition graphics.... I have failed in theory exams but passed in Practical exam at that age by making programms with BASIC. Sometimes when ppl Shouts on slow system and low memmory at that time I start to go back in my school ages PC with NO hard disk and mouse and RAM with only 16 MB or lesser....</p>
<p>It was fun really.</p>
<p>Parthiv Patel - Solutions (IT consultant)</p>

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