HASP4/Dongle replacement

By tanmaydeveloper ·
hi All

i have an application that runs only when HASP4 deveice is attached

i want tht my application should run with the use of HASP4 device

Please help me

Thanks in Advance

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by ComputerCookie In reply to HASP4/Dongle replacement
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So whats your problem? N/T

by 1bn0 In reply to HASP4/Dongle replacement
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by tanmaydeveloper In reply to So whats your problem? N/ ...

i want to use the applicalion without attaching the HASP4 device to the PC


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You can't

by cmiller5400 In reply to

If the software was designed to run with a HASP, you can not bypass that functionality.

It is illegal to do so.

By the way, using your full e-mail address in a public forum guarantee's lot's of SPAM into your mailbox.

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And to clarify on the 'can't part'

by robo_dev In reply to You can't

Software security devices such as this are not trivial to defeat. It would require advanced reverse engineering and programming skills and the ability to crack AES128 encryption in real-time, which is technically infeasible.

Typically there are dozens, or even hundreds of random calls to the hardware device sprinkled and hidden throughout the source code of the app or module, with calls to the hardware device made at random times.

The device cannot be spoofed, because the device responds in a dynamic fashion to the api calls compiled into the app. The exchange of data involves real-time AES 128 encryption/decryption using proprietary methods. The API knows the checksum of the protected application or module.

So the short answer is, No.

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