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Hassle free project management software needed

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I am looking for a hassle free project management software for mid size software development and outsourcing company. Can anyone suggest a good one?

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Yeah sure.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Hassle free project manag ...

But first can I interest you in this bridge.

One careful owner, sited in a scenic location.....

a snip at a $1,000,000.

Here's a picture, email me your bank details and we can do a deal.

Come on you know you want it.

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Define hassle free and I may be able to

by Tig2 In reply to Hassle free project manag ...

Do you need to share project plans (multiple people editing)
or do you just need to be able to view them? Have you
looked at MS Project? What about it makes it unsuitable?
What kinds of capabilities are "must have"?

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ya really want to know?

by Jaqui In reply to Define hassle free and I ...

it's just a glorified time tracker.

Project Management isn't just time management.

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More than that

by JamesRL In reply to ya really want to know? ; ...

Ten years ago I was using MS Project to track resource availability as well.

And anyy tool that can help map out the critical path is not a glorified time tracker. For small medium business/projects, MS project is the standard to measure against.

So Jaqui what does MS Project not have that you need?


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a few things

by Jaqui In reply to More than that

like running on something other than windows.
templates for documents for project specifications

time tracking is the least of what is needed, yet ALL the project Management apps make it 99% of ANY project.

ohh, outlooks calendaring will handle the time management
or a spreadsheet
or any of 30 different type of apps.

where are the tools to detail things like programming language, code formating, features, ...

not in the project management tools.

edit to add:
as far as project management software is concerned, resource management is a time management issue.

you can't add anything until you make a timeline, yet you can't make a timeline until the DOCUMENTED requirements are in place, and there is nothing for making those.
[ how can you make a timeline when you have nothing to base the timing on? ]

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OK a few replies....

by JamesRL In reply to a few things

Having created a few Project Management documentation solutions (on Notes and Sharepoint, at least Notes works on Linux for ya).

Projects are projects - and a project management tool is not a documentation tool nor a software development tool.

A true project management tool needs to be generic enough that it will work for building a nuclear reactor, a piece of software or granny's birthday party. If you make it specific to one type of project its useless for everything else.

Templates are very specific to the company or the environment you work in.

We don't publish timelines until the requirements are created, reviewed and agreed upon, but thats a part of the project with its own separate phase.

I of course disagree with you on resource management, if you have critical resources you can't create an appropriate timeline without identifying them, but keeping an eye on them is part of the PM's job.

The project management triangle has three sides - PM's manage schedules, resources ($ and labour) and deliverables. Good PM software handle's most of the schedule and the labour part of costs).

Maybe outlook will handle your scheduling needs, but not mine. I have to be able to report percentage of completion of tasks, identify any risks along the critical path etc. I've worked for companies where the PM tool was responsible for calculating "earned value" which is what they get paid against.

Jacqui, I think we have a fundamental divergence on what a PM is supposed to do for a living. In all of the larger organizations I've worked in, they don't gather or write requirements, design, build, test or implement. They are like the conductors of an orchestra - they don't play a note, but they do make sure that the piece comes together as the composer had designed.


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how can a PM

by Jaqui In reply to OK a few replies....

accurately manage resources when the tools don't even recognize the requirements of the project exist?

it doesn't matter if it's blueprints for a tower or bridge, concrete strength specs, or software specs, the Project Manager needs those to be able to build the schedule and manage the resources. The PM tools need to recognize and USE those specs to help identify the resources needed and to schedule work most effectively.

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by Jaqui In reply to how can a PM

found a company that offers exactly what I've been saying MS Project is lacking:

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Different tools

by JamesRL In reply to how can a PM

The short answer is most companies have their own methodologies and build their documentation tools to suit.

A good PM reads and understands the specs, where ever they are stored, and then creates the plan in a tool like MS Project, or Primavera.

I'm not suggesting its the only tool a PM needs, but its a very valuable tool for some uses.


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Gotta agree, what's wrong with MS Project?

by jmgarvin In reply to Hassle free project manag ...

I suppose you could try OpenWorkBench:

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