Hate Office 2007. Want 2003 back

By deklof ·
I revently lost my hard drive and had to rebuild my system. I had Office 2003 Professional on the drive. I had upgraded from an earlier version some time ago and had since moved so no longer had the disks from the earlier version, only the 2003 upgrade disks. When I tried to reinstall the 2003 system, I could not because the installation package could not find the earlier version and would not install.

Out of desperation I bought Office 2007 upgrade and was able to use the 2003 upgrade installation disk as proof that I was entitled to the "upgrade".

I HATE Office 2007. Not only is the UI wretched, Excel has crashed at least ten times in the last week.

I want to go back to version 2003. I could uninstall V2007 and start over, but , but don't have a wualifying product disk to install off my 2003 upgrade installation disks. Is there any solution?


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RE: Is there any solution?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Hate Office 2007. Want 2 ...

Well there are always solutions but unfortunately here there are no easy solutions.

What you need is a older version of Office 2003 so you'll need to either buy one from a place like E Bay or if you have a friend with a Suitable Install Disc burn a copy of the Disc so that you can use that to verify the Upgrade version of Office.

This is a very large part of the reason why I don't like Upgrade Disc's from M$ they require that you retain older versions that you no longer use or have a need of.


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A few problems

by zlitocook In reply to RE: [i]Is there any solut ...

With that answer, first if you buy from EBay you need to be sure it is not a pirate copy of office. Because if you need updates it will tag you and tell you that your copy is invalid.
Next if you install a different version of a Microsoft product you need to select a different install directory for the install.
If you don?t it will over write the original install.

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Plus more problems....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to RE: [i]Is there any solut ...

Without the license and installation media for the older version, the 2003 upgrade isn't legal, so the 2007 upgrade wouldn't be either.

In order to use any upgrade, you must retain the older version(s) to make the licensing 'trail' a valid one.

Consequently, what the OP has isn't worth squat.

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