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    Haunted cell phone


    by jazzytmarie ·

    I have an old phone that I used with my current number. The phone has been disconnected and the sim has been removed. It is connected to my home WiFi. I was texting a friend using my current phone that has the same number I used on the previous phone. My service is straight talk for both phones. I received two text messages on the old phone as I was texting my friend. A copy of the two texts did not go to the current phone.

    More details may or may not be related.

    I have a number through an app called textfree. Both phones have the app installed. Both phones have the messenger app installed.

    Today a separate incident. My Cell phone service has been Disabled because I haven’t paid this month. On this phone With no service I am getting text messages even though my service is disconnected. My friend said the number he received the messages from were in fact this same number.

    Is my phone haunted or is it a portal maybe? Please explain how these things are possible.

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      by tinkleviselo ·

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      Usually, your phone must have some background app installed. There are no real ghosts in this world.
      Background apps can clone your phone information.
      But they also need to transmit through the signal, so you can try to use CELL PHONE JAMMER. You can try it and see if it’s a real ghost.

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