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Have a Christmas tree this year? Share it with the rest of us!

By jdclyde ·
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Merry Christmas AND Happy Holidays to everyone.

So, do you have a Christmas tree? Take a picture of it and post a link to share with everyone else.

This isn't a contest, and you won't win anything. Just a way we can share something nice with your friends and peers here on TR.

If you don't have a place to post your picture, has free hosting and doesn't have the bandwidth restrictions that geocities does.

I ran into a snag getting my tree decorated, so it won't be finished until tonight. lost half our lights and need a new tree topper. Will get that squared away after I pick the boys up in a few hours and will have mine posted by tomorrow.

Join in on the fun? If you decorate your home, inside or out, feel free to include pictures of that! And of course, if you use so shorten your links, it makes life much easier to get your post up and orderly!

Who will be first?

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Hey, I always keep a photo of my tree in my handbag.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Have a Christmas tree thi ...


You'll have to wait until I get home....

(Thanks for waiting till mine actually made it to the living room, though! )

Will post that up as soon as practicable, I promise babz!


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I will be waiting

by jdclyde In reply to Hey, I [b]always[/b] keep ...

under the mistletoe..... ]:)

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Here you go, babz!

by gadgetgirl In reply to I will be waiting

One Christmas tree from Geordieland!

We have a family tradition of buying a new ornament for the Christmas tree each year, to help us remember the main point or points of the year for us. (Hence the non-matching and "odd" type ornaments)

These are things meaningful to us, e.g. a dated bauble from the year Grandson was born; a Mr. Happy from daughters first year of reading proficiently; a toy cigar in memory of Grandpa Weller, who died one Christmas Eve. I still have a set of crystal doves bought the year I was married ('76) but they only go on if the divorce year ('94) does too - Santa with spring legs....!

oh, and I'm also on my third Christmas fairy, too - why do they always get drunk over the season and fall off the tree?

(yeah, yeah, ok jd! they're copying their owner, I know, I know! )

Where's everyone else's then?

(Ok, Neil, not you, I know, Merry Mithras...hic! )


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by maecuff In reply to Here you go, babz! :D

I'm on vacation today, but I just HAD to take a moment to comment on your lovely tree.

And I must admit, I like getting a peek into other people's lives. It must be the voyeur in me..

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

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I thought for sure

by jdclyde In reply to Here you go, babz! :D

I had said something in a peer message, but if not, please accept my ever so humble apology!

It is a LOVELY tree, as are THEE!

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My ... GG

by rob mekel In reply to Here you go, babz! :D

What a great tree that is :) :)
I love to have a peek_around

Have a Merry Christmas and an even better Jolly New Year in good health and prosper. :)


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I live in Geordieland too!

by moira In reply to Here you go, babz! :D

Small world! I'm from Fenham. Sorry, no handy tree photo, but I couldn't resist replying to a fellow geordie :)

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by gadgetgirl In reply to I live in Geordieland too ...

Hiya Moira!

nice to see another Geordie to help with my TR takeover bid...!

I'll pm you when I get back to work next week, but in the meantime, did you catch this one?

No dates/venues as yet (that's my New Years' project!) but would you be interested?

Happy New Year!


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In order to be first...

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Have a Christmas tree thi ...

I will share this photo that I took. My kids had been messing with the camera settings and I didn't notice until later.

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An interesting shot

by jdclyde In reply to In order to be first...

just tell everyone your tree is on a carousel and it was a time laps photo!

Just got back from the store getting supplemental supplies. The ex took over half of the goodies, and half of what I was left with died.

I am hoping next year the LED lights will become more main stream so the price will drop. Want to switch completely over to them.

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