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have a good [ insert provincial stat name here ] day Canadian members

By Jaqui ·
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Here in B.C. it's officially B.C. day Statutory holiday. [ well, ok, yesterday was, but this is the day offices are closed because of it. ]

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Here in Ontario

by JamesRL In reply to have a good [ insert prov ...

Its a municipal holiday, so my company doesn't recognize it. I'm at work.

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poor you

by Jaqui In reply to Here in Ontario :(

heck, I know one branch of the TD-Canada Trust that is not open TOMORROW for it.
they normally close Sunday/Monday so tomorrow is their day off for it.

It's different in every province and territory.
makes it fun to do business across the country when the stats aren't all the same day(s).

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Yup. Happy province day!

by seanferd In reply to have a good [ insert prov ...

And if you whoop it up enough in southern Ontario, i can feel it from here.

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Ontario got ripped off

by Jaqui In reply to Yup. Happy province day!

it's not a "stat" there, only a civic holiday.

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I'm. one of the rare ones working

by JamesRL In reply to Ontario got ripped off

About half my office isn't here.

Banks and Government offices are closed.

Most manufacturing etc are closed. Some malls are open (in designated tourist areas).

Quebec doesn't get it at all (unless you work for the Feds...)

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No holiday for us

by Jasonjb1222 In reply to I'm. one of the rare ones ...

Not a holiday for us in Quebec.

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you need to move

by Jaqui In reply to No holiday for us

to a province that doesn't hate Canada then

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Toronto's in Ontario

by Oz_Media In reply to you need to move

Ontario has a way bigger population than BC. Plus Toronto's in Ontario; if they didn't go to work, Canada would cease to exist...or so many of them believe.

Actually, in all 'bash central Canadian province' fairness, I think Quebec City would be more in line with that theory.

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So, it seems that Quebec and Ontario,

by seanferd In reply to Yup. Happy province day!

the provinces closest to me, aren't going to be making any noise, so no bleed-over party atmosphere for me.

The province govs need to get with the program.

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and you wonder

by Jaqui In reply to So, it seems that Quebec ...

why the rest of Canada thinks so little of Ontario and Quebec?

they obviously have no mental capacity left if they can't even have a stat for August 1.

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