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Have a programming question for blogger Justin James?

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
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TechRepublic Programming and Development blogger Justin James has written several columns in response to questions members have emailed him. He's out of member questions, and he's interested in receiving more. So, if you have a specific programming question, please post it in this discussion. If Justin writes a column about your question (he'd offer you advice in the column), we'll post the URL to the column in this discussion. (Note: Justin will not necessarily offer advice to all questions submitted.)

Here are examples of Justin's reader response columns:

Frustrated by a coworker's use of old-school programming techniques

How to introduce high school students to programming

Transition to .NET with this developer's tips

10 tips to go from a beginner to an intermediate developer

Thank you in advance,
Mary Weilage

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by deetomarto In reply to Have a programming questi ...

Hi Justin. We have been introduced to VBScript in tech college. I can't see the use in this too much in web development except from the web servers side (configuring etc.), but I am obviously missing the point somewhere. What other uses does VBScript have in today's world?


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VBScript is a legacy item

by Justin James Contributor In reply to VBScript

Your assessment of VBScript is dead on. It's currently used in the following situations:

* Classic ASP, which was superceded by ASP.NET nearly 10 years ago.

* Windows configuration/administration scripting, superceded by PowerShell in 2007 or 2008.

* Microsoft Office macros; Microsoft has been pushing hard for .NET to replace VBScript (which in this context, they call "VBA" but its the same thing) for years.

VBScript is not a "real world" language unless you are a system administrator or writing for Office, and both of those items are quickly being replaced. I suggest that you encourage your school to change to a more modern language, especially since VBScript teaches a lot of "bad habits".


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Re: VBScript is a legacy item

by deetomarto In reply to VBScript is a legacy item

Thanks for the answer Justin. I had a suspicion that VBScript may have been a little outdated. It does seem funny that on one hand my school teaches this language (VBScript), yet it supports evolving technologies such as jQuery for web development.

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Active Directory

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Have a programming questi ...

Is there any way to validate, programmatically (in any language except .net) an Active Directory user ID?

In other words, I'm looking for an quick way to determine if someone is still an employee without firing up the AD client.

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by Justin James Contributor In reply to Active Directory

Odd, given that the previous poster was asking about VBScript, but if you want to do it quick and easy without .NET, VBScript is the quickest, easiest way to do it. This looks like a good place to start:


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by JackOfAllTech In reply to VBScript

I had not come across that site before and, for some reason, it never showed up when I was searching for ideas.

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In response to the Ruby on the rails article

by sriramstores In reply to Have a programming questi ...

Hello Justin,

Read through your recent article on the Ruby on the rails. It was interesting and somewhat re-kindled my interested on Ruby on the rails. A couple of years ago I had began to look at it , but somehow lost the urge to pick up the language.
Could you please share some usefull websites for beginner's to start Ruby and the softwares required to get started. Thank you for the article.


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