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have a slow clock speed on {HP}

By jongold59 ·
how would you speed it up. only running,@190 megs.
win(98)2,160megs of ram,
what can I do to make it faster?

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have a slow clock speed on {HP}

by TimTheToolMan In reply to have a slow clock speed o ...


Are you talking about overclocking your machine - ie. making it run faster than it was designed? It usually is possible, but will shorten its life and is possibly shorten its life to just a few seconds :-)

This site will give you some ideaof how likely to succeed you'll be with your particular model of CPU...

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...and take a look at the following site for ideas on actually doing this. It often comes down to the options you have with your motherboard as to whether it can be done at all, and then how efficient your cooling is as to how stable it will be. It'll all be explained at...

Good luck,

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