Have an Asus Netbook and want some games

By tjsobieski ·
I'd like to play some games and only have an Asus Netbook. Can't play much of anything on that.
I'd like to buy a games console because I don't want to keep a gaming rig up to spec to play the latest and greatest. My sons both have XBox 360 and PS3, I'm retired and can afford only one. The PS3 attracts me for the Blue Ray, but they say the XBox has better graphics. What's an old fart to do? Which would you recommend?

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by Charvell In reply to Have an Asus Netbook and ...

First off, Xbox 360 does NOT have better graphics. The main selling point of Xbox has been its game titles, the most well known of which are Halo and Mass Effect. These are the most popular Xbox "only" titles (all Xbox only titles I've come across are also available for PC).

PS3's have overall better quality of hardware, better graphics, and the integrated Blu Ray player. The only downsides are all new PS3's are not backwards compatible, only the original launch 80GB versions were, and PSN is not nearly as popular or widely used as Xbox Live.

That all being said, you should look at which console has the exclusive titles that are most appealing to you. I never enjoyed playing Halo, so Xbox never had much draw to me (plus I hate the Xbox controller but that is a personal preference thing). If it really doesn't matter, my opinion is that a PS3 is a better buy since you get more for you money (integrated Blu Ray, and the wireless controllers are rechargable, you don't have to keep an endless supply of AA batteries on hand).

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OK you have some really valid points

by tjsobieski In reply to So.......

It seems that the PS3 has what I want. I like an occasional game, would like to try some FPS, I don't care all that much for Halo, rechargeable controllers are a plus. I had a PSP for a while and liked some of the games, but the screen';s too damn small. All that being said, The PS3 80 is less expensive than the newer ones, so what's the difference in performance. Consider me an idiot.

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No difference in performance

by Slayer_ In reply to OK you have some really v ...

the old PS3's had the "emotion" chip that was required to run PS1 and PS2 games. They decided to remove it half way through production.

For some reason Sony really wanted to remove backwards compatibility. Maybe so game providers could re-release their games in the new format...
Sony doing this seriously hurt their sales.

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Other than the Obvious

by tjsobieski In reply to So.......

OK, the original has an 80 GB drive. They're also cheaper. What advantage does a larger HD have?

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Well with a Net Book

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Other than the Obvious

Not much of an advantage but possibly several disadvantages. The main one being that the larger drive has to be chosen very carefully with an eye on the Power Usage of the new drive in compression to the old drive.

If the replacement drive uses more power it will reduce the battery life of the Net Book.

Though if you wanted I suppose you could use a SSD Drive and extend the battery life, but that wouldn't be the cheapest option possible.


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Or if this is a Standard Unmodified ASUS NB

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Have an Asus Netbook and ...

You could MAX out the amount of RAM that it can carry and be surprised at the difference.

I had a customers one recently which had been returned to ASUS several times with complaints about how it would not do things and the unit was returned without any change and the owner was told that it was working within it's design parameters.

It drove me crazy taking 25 minutes to restart windows after updates and so on so I asked the owner could I just install more RAM, he thought that I wanted to install XP instead of Vista to make it faster. But I removed the 1 GIG Module and fitted 2 X 2 Gig Modules giving 4 Gig's and the difference was unbelievable to it's owner.

As I'm no gamer I personally don't like Game Consoles but that's very much a personal thing on my part however from my experience or repairing these things the Play Station appears far more reliable than the X Box which does have reliability Issues and I have yet to hear of any X Box Owner who has not had their X Box exchanged/Repaired at least once within it's warranty period. But if you do want a X Box I would really recommend a Extended Warranty as a Must Have Option when you buy it.


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Find some 5 dollar games

by Slayer_ In reply to Have an Asus Netbook and ...

Steam is good for that. I was playing one on a old beater, much slower than your netbook, called Gratuitous space battles.

Another really good one called Braid. (try a demo first as the game uses an odd vertical rectangle resolution.)

If you do not mind emulators, you can easily play SNES and the like sort of games. With some tweaking you could get a bareable performance out of a PS1 emulator, however the ROM sizes may eat up your HDD space.

There are many other games as well, go back a few generations.

If you are looking for something more epic, you can try and find yourself a copy of Septerra Core. One of the most epic JRPG's ever made for the PC.

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If you don't necessarily want the latest-and-greatest

by seanferd In reply to Have an Asus Netbook and ...

get some older PC games. Or buy a PS2, they're cheap, and the used games are cheap as well. XBox 360, I believe, is <i>mostly</i> backwards-compatible with XBox games, but that frequently depends on game vendor support. (There is a list that is kept up to date, somewhere.)

Another thing to consider, if deciding solely between XBox 360 and PS3, are the games you might want to play. Some are only sold for one system or the other. Some games that have versions for both systems may have game expansions available only for one system or the other.

Edit: If you want to post what sort of game genres you enjoy, I'm sure suggestions can be offered for games for the PC or either game system. Lot's of free games available for PC out there, but it sometimes depends on what you like. (I mean, you aren't likely to find Halo out there for free, but if you like strategy games or RPG for example...) Also, plenty of free <i>online</i> games.

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