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By norman926 ·
I was a beta tester for windows 7 and have the evaluation copy build 7600 installed in my pc.. I now have the full and release version and my question is this...I have the complete "enterprise" of best version installed and i just can't remember what the **** it is called.( I am suffering from sometimers, some time i forget some time I don't) anyway, can i insert the disc and do an upgrade with the release copy??? or do I have to do a cold install and re-install all my programs again..
thought I would ask you before contacting Microsoft.. Norman

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Have an interesting answer ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Have an interesting quest ...

Here's a CHART showing the 'upgrade' options and which option applies to which previously installed OS:

Although it is not specified on this chart, when you originally downloaded either the BETA or the RC editions of Windows 7, the Microsoft site featured a warning that if you 'upgraded' from either - you would have to perform a full clean install.

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by norman926 In reply to Have an interesting answe ...

Thanks mate, I thought so but wasn't sure...

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Beta testing is that way.... fresh install only...

by ki0oo In reply to Have an interesting quest ...

fresh install only...

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Windows 7

by norman926 In reply to Beta testing is that way. ...

Thanks thought so..

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The answer to your other question:

by seanferd In reply to Have an interesting quest ...
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by norman926 In reply to The answer to your other ...

Thanks couldn't think of the word but i put the eval copy of 7600 Ultimate so i guess i have to do a clean install.. N

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