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    Have anyone idea on Oracle certification?


    by kennedy_f ·

    Has anyone got an opinion on the value of Oracle Certification in India?
    I’ve read some messages describing it almost as a prerequisite for DBA work.
    Anybody have any other views? I understand that it’s fairly expensive to get the qualification now. Is it worthwhile?
    Also what are the training resources available on the net for these exams?

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      All about OCP certification.

      by lewisb ·

      In reply to Have anyone idea on Oracle certification?

      Oracle?s 9i OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) DBA (Database Administrator) certification is a mid-level certification for IT professionals who manage large-scale databases or develop applications that are used enterprise-wide. The Oracle 9i OCP was introduced in late 2001 and will likely stay very popular until the arrival of the Oracle 10G certification. There is no specific prerequisite for this certification; however, by starting your Oracle certification journey on the 9i path, you will achieve the OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) certification along the way. Its bit expensive but Online resources, books are free on net. Ollie’s book is very good. Transcender don’t provide more than 10 questions in demo. uCertify came up with 70% discount on OCP kit. And various discount scheme on collection of 2,3,4 test kits. You can go through with demo product and then self you can better understand.

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        Some info, Oracle 8,9i not 10G

        by naser ·

        In reply to All about OCP certification.

        I have some old info, Oracle 8,9i not 10G but it’s usfull as a guide to start with:
        here it’s;

        Oracle9i Database Administrator Track
        Oracle9i Database OCA
        Oracle9i DBA OCP
        Oracle9i Certified Master

        The Oracle Certification Program for Oracle9i offers three distinct certification tiers that are built to fit the needs of both IT professionals as well as the organizations they serve. Each tier constitutes a benchmark of expertise that is industry-recognized and approved as applicable for specific job roles.

        Oracle9i Certified Database Associate
        The Oracle Certification Program begins with the Associate level. At this apprentice skill level, Oracle Certified Associates have a foundation of knowledge that will allow them to act as a junior team member working with database administrators or application developers. Earning your Oracle Certified Associate credential as a beginning IT professional will give you recognition for your foundation of knowledge using Oracle technologies. This recognition will differentiate you from those without any credentials, and can help you build your career by obtaining access to entry-level opportunities.
        To become an Oracle Certified Associate, you must pass the exams required for the Oracle Certified Associate level of your selected job role. Typically, two exams are required; the first one can be taken via the Internet, while subsequent exams must be taken in a proctored environment.

        You must pass the following two exams to obtain your OCA credential:
        ? Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL (#1Z0-007)
        This is an online exam. It is also available at Oracle University or Authorized Prometric Test Centers
        ? Oracle 9i Database: Fundamentals I (#1Z0-031)
        This is a proctored exam that is only available at Oracle University or Authorized Prometric Test Centers

        Oracle Certified Professional
        The first step toward earning the highly respected Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) status is to earn your Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) credential. When you are ready to advance your Oracle9i database expertise then it’s time to take the next step toward becoming an OCP.
        Oracle Certified Professionals have proven skills managing a large-scale database or developing robust applications that are deployed enterprise-wide. To become an Oracle Certified Professional, you must pass all required exams in your selected job role, including those at the Associate level. When you obtain this credential, you will have a valuable asset as you apply for more senior level opportunities and gain more credibility and support from your employer.

        You must pass the following two exams to obtain your OCP credential:
        ? Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals II (#1Z0-032)
        ? Oracle9i Database: Performance Tuning (#1Z1-033)

        Oracle Certified Master
        The Oracle Certified Master is the highest credential you can earn in the Oracle Certification Program. Oracle Certified Masters are senior members of IT departments, responsible for handling mission critical database systems and applications. They have proven Oracle skills and are looked upon as the experts within their organization. Not surprisingly, they command the highest salaries in the industry and offer the experience and skill level few others can deliver.
        To become an Oracle Certified Master, you must first earn your Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) credential. Then, the OCM requires candidates to take 2 Advanced Level Oracle University DBA courses. Several of these can be taken either in an Instructor – Led Classroom version, or with an Instructor – Led Online version depending on your location. Most advanced courses offer a great deal of hands-on practice in the classroom and therefore, not many are available online. After earning an OCP credential and completing the OCM course requirements, OCM candidates will then need to pass the OCM Practicum exam. More information on each specific requirement is below.
        1. Earn the Oracle9i Certified Professional Database Administrator credential.
        2. Attend 2 of the listed Advanced Level Oracle University courses.
        3. Pass the OCM Practicum Exam

        Advanced DBA Course Listings

        The following Oracle University Courses will be applicable toward the Advanced Curriculum Requirement to earn the Oracle Certified Master credential. Candidates will need to complete 2 courses from the following list before proceeding on to the OCM Practicum exam.

        Database Applications Date Course Available

        Oracle9i: Program with PL/SQL Available Now
        Oracle9i: Advanced PL/SQL Available Now
        Oracle9i: SQL Tuning Workshop Available Now
        (Oracle8i) Database Applications Tuning Workshop Available Now
        Oracle8i: SQL Statement Tuning Workshop Available Now
        High Availability
        Oracle9i Database: Data Guard Administration July 2002
        Data Warehouse and Large Scale Databases
        Oracle9i: Database: Implement Partitioning April 2002
        Oracle9i: Real Application Clusters Available Now
        Oracle9i: Data Warehouse Administration April 2002
        Large Scale Databases Oracle8i: Parallel Server Implementation Available Now
        Oracle8i: Implementing Scalable Systems Available Now
        Networking and Distributed Systems
        Oracle Net Services: Advanced Administration July 2002
        Implementing Oracle Streams September 2002
        Oracle9i: Advanced Replication April 2002
        (Oracle8i) Networking and Distributing Systems
        Administering the Oracle Internet Directory Available Now
        Systems Management
        Oracle9i: Enterprise Manager April 2002
        (Oracle8i) Systems Management Oracle Enterprise Manager V2.x Available Now

        Once you have completed any of the two courses above, take the next step my passing the OCM Practicum Exam.

        I hope this info helps.


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      Experience vs. Certification

      by leighc ·

      In reply to Have anyone idea on Oracle certification?

      Personally as a person who has been around the traps a long time and as someone who employs DBA’s I have never been impressed by certifications. If you are completely new to the field then it’s probably a good starting point but if you already have good experience under your belt then that is what I would be looking for.

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        Sometimes certification would be the best way to choose.

        by kennedy_f ·

        In reply to Experience vs. Certification

        Yes, of course, but if you possess a recognized degree and get job but then suddenly new product/software launched and its essential for to learn that software so better for you to study, take exam and evaluate your knowledge with that s/w. I know the person who actually a mix of junior and senior developer now his job continuity demands a DBA certification. Certification courses is essential for newcommer who had no experience IT arena.

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          Motivated to OCP.

          by lewisb ·

          In reply to Sometimes certification would be the best way to choose.

          I realize OCP is very much needed, I’ve little experience on SQL. What books, study guide, practice test would be good for me to clear the first exam 1Z0-147. Waiting for you reply.

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      oracle certification

      by rohithrai ·

      In reply to Have anyone idea on Oracle certification?

      wher in bangalore can i get oracle certification

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      dba certification

      by haynes01 ·

      In reply to Have anyone idea on Oracle certification?

      yes dba certification is worthwhile because it will add credibility to ur career, enhance ur knowledge.

      all the resources required for preparation are available on net u can just visit to get the tutorials.

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