Have genuine retail xp pro install, have genuine dell OEM xp pro key.

By dosmastr ·

I'm trying to keep this all fair, right and legal.

I bought a retail copy of xp pro many many years ago and its been installed on my one pc for some time. I recently bought another PC which came with a valid dell OEM key which I wanted to give to my kid bro in law for school. The retail CD won't take the OEM key.

Dell wants 50 dollars plus shipping for a new reinstall disc. I paid 50 dollars for this computer... I'm not looking to double my investment!

Torrents for dell OEM cd's have been useless (and I don't need a virus)

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OEM = 1 computer activation and only that computer

by CG IT In reply to Have genuine retail xp pr ...

and you can't transfer it to another computer. That's the way OEM works. Good for only the computer hardware purchased.

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the key came with the computer I'm trying to install it on

by dosmastr In reply to OEM = 1 computer activati ...

You misunderstand.

I bought a computer on ebay which was only missing a hard drive, it was otherwise complete, including OEM case, and OEM xp pro install key COA sticker.

I added a hard drive to this computer and I am trying to put windows on it with the key the computer was originally sold with.

I tried this:

I think i have a RTM retail cd, so i changed the pid from 55274000 to 82503OEM

No go.

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It won't work.

by seanferd In reply to the key came with the com ...

You need the Dell CDs. They need to be installed on that particular Dell computer.

Does it have a recovery partition? Maybe your Windows install is hiding on your HDD. Oh, you bought it without the HDD - no joy there.

believe us, you can't do what you are attempting - it will not work.

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ok, so eat 16 bucks and buy this then?

by dosmastr In reply to It won't work.

You're saying THAT will work?
What do i do, change the key after its installed?

Like I said, I've done everything above board. I don't want any trouble from dell or MS.

I have a valid retail key (in use) can I use that just to get through the installation and then change the key to the dell OEM key in registry?

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"Trust us it won't work??" UHMM, ur wrong cause IT DID WORK

by dosmastr In reply to ok, so eat 16 bucks and b ...

dude, I just changed the last three of the code in the setupp.ini file to OEM and it worked just fine.

The photo showing where to get the code changed from a orange bar (like I have with my retail copy) to a actual COA lookin thing.

Entered the key and here AI am being asked for the computer name and admin password.

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Dell do not use the same version of XP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Have genuine retail xp pr ...

They use a Volume License Version of XP not the OEM Version.

That is what your problem is here. If you can lay your hands on a Volume License Version of XP you can use that to install and use the Dell Product Key.

But as Dell supply Slipstreamed Recovery Disc's with all of the drivers and software included it's honestly considerably cheaper to get the Dell Recovery Set and use that than to attempt to use a OEM Version and then go looking for all the drivers and then try to find something to do the same thing as the supplied Software.

The only reason that I can see Dell wanting $50.00 for this recovery set is that it is for an old discontinued model they they need to get made so that they can supply you with a recovery set.


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