have IE7, but want to try FF

By cabinfever ·
Is it okay to install firefox2 on my system when I am already using IF&? Will they conflict? I am not a techy, by the way...

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Go for it.

by NickNielsen In reply to have IE7, but want to try ...

You will need to decide which browser you want as the default, but other than that, you should have no problems.

Edit: yes

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No Conflicts

by TheChas In reply to have IE7, but want to try ...

Other than what Nick stated about both wanting to be your default browser, there are no conflicts between IE and Firefox.

I use Firefox as my default browser.

There are a few pages that work better with IE. I use a Firefox Extension called IE View To change a page over to IE when I need to.

There are some conflicts with the latest version of the Netscape browser and both IE and Firefox. Nothing major, just some strange things that happen because Netscape 8 can act as a shell over either other browser.


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by cabinfever In reply to No Conflicts

I appreciate your input. Thank you folks. I downloaded firefox and had no trouble there. However, can't download any of the themes or a lot of add ons. I get message about problems with corrupted files etc. What a mess...

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Pick up the extensions

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to have IE7, but want to try ...

AdBlock and NoScript while you are at it.
You get a link to FireFox Extensions they just plugin to the browser. Worsrt case you just hacve to restart firefox.

NoScript automatically blocks client side scripting by site. You can mark a site as OK to run scripts permanently, never or just this once.

AdBlock stops you paying in bandwidth and screen space for images and frames. It lets ads run by default, then you just add patterns to selectively not bother with them any more.

Adblock is nice, Noscript is invaluable.

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Mac or PC?

by viruser Staff In reply to have IE7, but want to try ...

Are using Mac or PC? If you are using a Mac, don't upgrade yet..most of the extensions are are not updated for FF2!!

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by cabinfever In reply to Mac or PC?

using a PC..but as far as I can see Mozilla has got a real mess going on. I amdisappointed as I adhere to their supposed policies and wish to support them. I can't even get a decent page to happen.

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PC fine!

by viruser Staff In reply to cabindavid

If you are using a PC then you should be ok. Make sure to get some of the vital extensions:
Firebug, web developer tool, IE Tab or View. I prefer it to IE7 as a matter of fact!!! U should try it!

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