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Have internet connection but cannot access my network

By carroyo ·
We are running a LAN with 11 computers. with a 2003 server, linkys wireless router and switch, all running xp proOne of them I can get internet connection but cannot access my network, such as server

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Make sure you have the right drivers loaded and updated.

If possible. If any drivers came with the router put this on also. As for your server, click on the browser to open it and then type in something like See if it comes on-line then. Make sure everything is switched on. Also you might want to add this to your server:

LLTP responder update under Windows 2003

The LLTD responder update lets XP computers appear in Windows Vista?s Network Map feature. By default, you can?t run the LLTP responder update under Windows 2003; Windows 2003 servers will show as unknown location devices. However, you can try to force the update to run by performing these steps:
1.Download the update from
2.Attempt to run the update on a Windows 2003 server, but don?t click OK to the error about updatebr.inf.
3.At the root of the C drive, you?ll see a folder name in the format 7be840d99a33259a5b77a0 a9; open this folder and copy the update folder to another location.
4.Click OK to the error message that displays.
5.In the copy of the update folder, right-click update.exe and select Properties.
6.Under the Compatibility tab, select Run this program in compatibility mode for and select Windows XP.
7.Click Apply, then click OK.
8.Execute update.exe

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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More details will help

by jruby In reply to Have internet connection ...

What do you mean that you cannot access items on the network? Do you get the problem just browsing the network or is it when you actually try to open a connection to another device?
Do you have an internal DNS server? Are you using a domain? Can you ping the other stations and server by IP? By name?

If you get us some details, I'll bet there's somebody hanging around here who can come up with an answer.

Good luck!


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by zack_chimento In reply to Have internet connection ...

First more info on your setup would be helpful! :)
I too run an office with a single server 2003 and a bunch of xp pro sp2 machines.
I've seen this problem before.
90% of the time for me I've found that I simply had incorrect IP, DNS, Gateway or WINS information entered. If your using a DHCP system I reccomend you switch over to static IPs. Easier to manage/track.
Post back if problem persists.

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DNS is your problem.

by bart777 In reply to Have internet connection ...

If you can get to the internat and not the internal network this PC is most likely configured with only the ISPs DNS server address.

Make sure that the PC is pointing to your server for it's DNS and you should be fine so long as the forwarder on the server is correct.

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