Have local connectivity but can't connect to internet or remote network

By LocoLobo ·
We are in the process of changing windows domains. Our new domain is on Windows Server 2003. About half of my workstations can connect to the local network, but cannot connect to the internet. The DC does connect to the internet so those who don't have internet access still have email.

Ipconfig shows the gateways and subnet masks are the same for both sets of workstations. Running tracert to a remote server is almost exactly the same; the workstations that can access the internet go thru 4 hops, then "Request timed out" twice then find the remote server. The workstations that don't have remote access go thru the exact same 4 hops, but time out until failure. I have gone thru the network settings but cannot find any differences except the individual IPs. We are using static IP.

I have contacted our "ISP" but they insist their routers and switches are fine.

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Are you running tracert to an IP address or a DNS name?

by robo_dev In reply to Have local connectivity b ...

The question is can you tracert and/or ping reliably to each hop router's IP address?

If you're getting request timeouts, that hints at a problem with router misconfiguration, excessive LAN traffic and/or error conditions, etc.

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May be a DNS issue

by Akais1 In reply to Have local connectivity b ...

On the stations that do not connect to the internet try to ping a known good URL like See if it resolves to a public IP. If it comes back with "Host not found" your issue may be with the DNS setup on your DC. The DNS in the workstations should point at the DC. The DC should point at itself, with a conditional forwarder to "All other DNS Domains" set as your ISP's DNS or better yet a 3rd party DNS provider like OpenDNS. Once setup, flush the DNS Resolver cache on the DC and then the workstations and you should be in business.

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