Have PCmoverProfessional-PC shipped -HELP PLEASE!

By The Old Barn ·
New experience (this moving from one laptop to another)and an eager member here at your site purely for reading/learning/educational purposes etc...as I lack IT qualifications of any sort. I find the reading, newsletters, blogs, videos, all, etc. extremely helpful - perhaps only enough to get myself into trouble at times but nevertheless, I enjoy it and at least as a result can recognize appropriate times to be cautious which otherwise, might be taken on without appropriate caution.
This will be from Dell laptop, 32bit, XP Home (had never been designed for the business which it lately has been handling) to Dell Precision Workstation, 64 bit, 7 with XP downgrade (business usage), ordered as a very robust system.
I use a "Click-Free" drive for back-ups weekly and wonder if that could be of any use with this program?...or perhaps in place of since this process will be done under the guidance (HAH!) of my 1st in line helper. I will,thankfully, have the assistance of my daughter whose IT credentials qualify her professionally and I will not embarrass her here by giving any detail but by job title doing transfers would be far too rote a function to hold her attention, she is willing to make herself available for my issue. Of course,I want to do anything possible to make as smooth a transition as it can be due partly to her very pressing schedule and of course in order to avoid stress in general. Any suggestions for my preparation?
I had planned to download AVG as this laptop is really struggling, sluggish and I thought finding malware (not identified by earlier malware program and have Norton 360 with upgrade by Norton)but thought if it eliminated something that otherwise would be transferred,it might be helpful. My current Norton includes storage(truly excessive amount-partly refunded)and if I uninstall that from current PC, even though netbook is covered also, will I lose the storage or access to it(of course a base amount of storage comes with the program but errors were made through the year and more than ample storage was purchased without realizing that there were 2 separate accounts involved)? Originally, I had planned to have Norton on the new PC but since learning about AVG, thought that I would try it as I have had multiple problems with Norton in recent years and it is never quickly fixed when things go awry. The netbook has little space remaining even though everything possible was always sent to an external drive. Both PC's are on same account. My understanding is that in order to install AVG, the Norton must be uninstalled first and I have removal tool from 2 prior remote sessions which I assume I would be able to use to do a full uninstall.
I noted your "Office" issue and this will also entail upgrade from Office 2003 to "2007 small business,OEM" and of course I need all data to move but is it strictly a problem to move everything until the data is integrated with 2007 version?
I had prepared myself thinking that I would need to be prepared to run new PC in virtual mode when working with early version along with newer package and there was no mention that earlier package could not be transferred. Do those references pertain to data only-couldn't if sheets would be used and be changed as a program and it spoke of using 2003Excel sheets next to 2007 while in virtual mode or having it as dual mode computer. I am perplexed by this issue-please advise and soon-pre Thanksgiving required unless I postpone this transfer to save holiday time called Thanksgiving for busy girl!
Since I have been reading about the 2010 (thanks to your issue and it appeals to me to have the ribbon running all the way through). Since I will need to adjust to a new program anyway, it seems logical to do it once but apparently I neglected to remember the release time of 2010.
In preparation of buying this PC, I purchased Quicken 2007 but now understand that 2010 is out. It is too late to return the 2007 version but many places no longer support transfer of info from older program now-therefore, the purchase!
This epistle is already very long but for newbie, everything is a question especially when it is first experience with the process. The earliest family PC was an Apple IIC on which I received a Masters' degree from Lehigh University as first 2 children left high school. My firstborn of 2 Bucknellians managed Magna *** laude using the computer lab for four years but next had sports schedule and required own to meet travel schedule and third-well, as mechanical engineering major/graduate at Bucknell University, he needed two computers by graduation! No wonder I am now working and launching businesses! Oh, how this computing world has changed! NufSed about that!
I have websites coming online, business software purchased and brand new, have new Neat-Receipts scanner to install as soon as new PC arrives (receipts are in large pile waiting for this new PC and many new and exciting as well as frustrating experiences await. I have had the scale for PC/shipping from web-sales from my new store for months as well as merchant accounts. As you can tell, I will have many new things on this PC from day one-it is no surprise that the XP downgrade was appealing to me? Much of this is new and while I am not totally inexperienced, it is mostly self-taught so when things do not go well, I am lost early in the game.
I certainly know what frustration any computerized experience can become and am trying to anticipate and hopefully avoid as much wrenching of fists as possible. Any basic help would be appreciated. Within TechRepublic, following initial questions,I have typically sent anything possible as "private" where possible other than these questions but anyone with suggestions is welcome to offer suggestions. I so appreciate your site's existence and availability to people like me getting ready for this new step. BYE S

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So, you want to move your documentws to a new computer?

by seanferd In reply to Have PCmoverProfessional- ...

If they are all backed up, or already on an external drive for normal use, then you should be fine.

However, there is a Files And Settings Transfer Wizard which will be useful, especially if you will be using many of the same programs. <i>This is assuming you are moving from XP to a new installation of XP.</i>

You don't need anything special to open your old Office documents in Office 2007. It might ask you if you wish to convert them to the newer .docx type the first time you open them, though.

Norton Online Storage is online, so I don't think you need to worry about that. It covers up to 5 PCs if I read the description correctly, so you could use it for both computers if you are keeping the old one. This should be separate from the Norton Security/AV.

It seems to me that you already have everything in place for the transfer. I hope it is a smooth one.

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RE: PCMover

by PoppaTab In reply to Have PCmoverProfessional- ...

Good for you! It does look like you have your bases covered well. All the best in your new endeavor.

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Move to the new PC! no use of the PC Mover

by The Old Barn In reply to Have PCmoverProfessional- ...

Well, so much for preparation and having a plan B because when Thanksgiving Day + 1 came, it was PC moving time. Of course, the old computer just barely booted and then crashed to blue screens and was not to return for the day. I had some work done on it but it was determined that the original XP disk was needed and I had not anticipated that step (fortunately that was in NJ and I was in PA) I feel that was a blessing in disguise as the "Click-Free" back-up drive was so much faster than the PC would have been-if recent behavior was any clue. That is better known as finding a positive in an otherwise awful situation because of course a good bit of stress was experienced before getting into the mode with the back-up drive.
Fortunately, the back-up drive was key to the process and it came through just fine. I have a mystery as to what happened to about 3/4 of my unread email messages as they did not transfer (large number as I had had a sick week prior to the move to holiday and was even farther behind than is typical). Today when I received emails, 400+ were waiting and those were added to thousands already in PC. AS I recall, they were accepted after the setup of new PC so that represented 1 1/2 days worth.
I spent 7 3/4 hours on support today (mostly all working time other than 2 waiting times for repair work to be done) and finally, after many tries which always resulted in various blue screens, the right option was finally available and the initial install XP disk could do the appropriate parallel repair. It is the old PC that I am currently using. I had no time to open the new one after spending all day getting this one going. I had bills that badly needed attention, etc...(remember the comments in my directives regarding choice of what PC- saying that I should not take on a new OS when business is involved as time is key! The very first day of having it technically usable was one in which I did not have time to touch it because of time crunch. Once this one was working, the links to online banking to all banks were in place on this old PC and the deadlines would not change because I had a new PC.
Hopefully I will be able to transfer the Firefox profile rather than needing to create all new links (20 plus lots of convenient buttons) which took 3 years to develop. While I am more adept now when compared to when I started, it still would be faster to copy than do each individually.
Thanks for the confidence offered as well as bothering with a "watcher member", who enjoys the reading but certainly is not qualified to add any technical info.
I tried my best to be organized but when those essential basics go wrong, stress reigns supreme regardless of who is doing the deal. That process will never be viewed as a smooth operation although once we gave up on the old PC, things went very smoothly although very time-consuming.
The old PC had been struggling and slow working up to travel day and once in PA, it was not opened until time to transfer and I had hoped for a reasonably smooth experience. It was not the travel that was the problem. That PC used to go to FL each month for a couple of years and never suffered from travel.
My daughter did recognized my organization as we were finishing but that was after we went through very significant complications-mainly just having the PC fail.
I will need to install all programs separately which I did not know would be necessary. This is one example-a program I mentioned called SimplyFile by TechHit which I need so badly and also MessageSave, and 2 others in the pack which help with email message organization. I did read in TechRepublic that Outlook is not supposed to be a Personal information manager(PIM), if not then, what is out there other than the programs that I mentioned to do the job? I have huge volume of messages coming in everyday and most of it is welcomed and by subscription for various interests. I use Comcast as provider and once they instituted their program called "Smartzone" which made it impossible to toggle between email addresses, I needed to make other arrangements for managing email. Prior to that addition, it was fine to keep them right in the Comcast site. I never spoke to one person who had a thing positive to say about that addition.
How is a person to handle several hundred messages per day and still be able to do the tasks at hand? Time management being the limit of the same 24 for all of us, I need some suggestions. Thanks again for the confidence and I hope that the next steps that I take on my own go better than the time when I had superbly qualified help. There were so many situations where I would have had no idea how to proceed, it would have needed to be postponed until someone else could help but she was a gem as usual. Wish me luck with the remainder of this process. I have four rows of programs on this PC so if I have to re-download the SimplyFile, then I assume that follows for all others as well. How do I prove that I have access to every program? I have receipts for most programs but not all. Some programs do not require further communication with the manufacturer and I thought those would be copied. I do not know how to handle those details but had not thought of it until now. I will ask later when I face that one. Thanks again for the help, BYE S

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Yes, you will have to re-install all programs.

by seanferd In reply to Move to the new PC! no us ...

If you have the setup files for the programs on the old PC, you can just copy them from there or pull them off your backups to install on the new PC.

You may have to download again those for which you do not have the setup files or installation media.

For app which have product keys (pretty much anything you've paid for), you can get them off the old PC. Some may be there already since the profile was copied over.

If you have a lot of product keys, instead of looking them up individually in each program, you may want to use a utility to collect them. You can use SIW
free for personal use. Has a category "Licenses" which will list many license keys.

Another free utility
will find keys as well.

It may be of note that some programs will require removal from the old computer, if the license is for a single computer only.

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OK, is this what you were talking about?

by seanferd In reply to Move to the new PC! no us ...

Laplink Software's PCMover Professional

I had no idea you were referring to the use of such a product. It would do just what it says. And it says it will migrate all applications.

So, you didn't use it?

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