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Have SN and model how can I tell the MB

By RG11 ·
I am trying to find out what kind of Mother board I have. No manufacturer is list on the board. The number is A161V12A and the S/N is A161A000107209. It is about 4-5 years old with an AMD 850Mhz processor, award modular bios.
Any info would help?

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by RG11 In reply to Have SN and model how ca ...

Someone told me it may be a shuttle? I need to find a manual so I know the max ram. I had a 128 mb chip and added a 256 and it is only seeing 128mb of the 256. If I put in only the 256 it is showing up as 128mb in bios and system.

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by TheChas In reply to Have SN and model how ca ...

The easiest way to verify who made your motherboard is to use the BIOS code that is displayed at the bottom of the POST screen while the memory is being tested.

Then, use the tools at either: or

to identify the manufacture.

You will still need to browse through the manufactures web site to identify your specific motherboard.

If this is a Slot A system, 128 MB per memory slot was a common RAM limit.
Even some early Socket A motherboards had a 128 MB per DIMM limit.

Another very real possibility is that your 256 MB DIMM is of a higher density than your BIOS and chip-set can read.
When quad density SDRAM DIMMs came onto the market several years ago, most of the older motherboards could not properly access the full capacity of the DIMM.
Make sure that the DIMM you have is a double density not a quad density.


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by TheChas In reply to

Looking at Stan's post, while it is possible that Shuttle made your motherboard, it could be an "OEM" board.

For most OEM motherboards, your only support option is the system manufacture.
As a general rule, part of the OEM agreement is that the motherboard manufacture provides no product support.

As a side note:
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by RG11 In reply to

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by willcomp In reply to Have SN and model how ca ...

While many Shuttle model numbers begin with an A, next comes a letter designating the chipset. I have never seen a Shuttle mobo with a number as the second character.

All that aside, I suspect you problem is installing high density RAM in a motherboard that does not support it. If your motherboard is a Slot A board, it most likely will not support high density memory.

You will need PC100 (or PC133) SDRAM with one or two memory chips for every 16MB RAM. A 128MB stick of RAM must have at least 8 chips and a 256MB stick must have at least 16 chips.

Support for high density RAM began with the VIA KT133 chipset for socket A CPUs. It was later coming for Intel socket 370 CPUs.

Low density memory is considerably more expensive. Your best source will be All their PC100/PC133 memory is low density.


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by willcomp In reply to

If Chas had been a little faster posting his reply, would have saved me some typing.

Most socket A motherboards were based on the VIA KX133 chipset and support at least 256MB per bank up to a maximum of 1024MB. Some support 512MB per bank with a maximum of 2GB RAM.

However, in all cases, they require low density (single or double density) rather than high density (quad density) RAM. Most SDRAM currently sold is high density.

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by dmiles In reply to Have SN and model how ca ...

Download and run CT BIOS. This utility may grab the manufacturer's info from the BIOS. In the case of my BIOS, it listed the manufacturer's web site URL among other things.

Visit Wim's Bios Page for help identifying the board with BIOS numbers.

Some boards just may have an FCC ID number on the board/slot, in the motherboard book, or elsewhere on the computer if the same manufacturer made more than just the motherboard. That number can usually be matched to the manufacture's name, etc. using the FCC data base at: Use that info to find the manufacturer with an Internet search engine. This is also useful for finding the manufacturer of expansion boards, etc.

Other motherboards may just have the model number of the board on them. Run this number through some of the Internet search engines.

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by Laurent Spielmann In reply to Have SN and model how ca ...

Is it possible that you didn't read the ID properly?
no offense, just a question.

because a google search with "A161V12A" didn't show much (in english, that is)
but trying "AI61V12A" brought more results, and many leads that could make one think that it's a Shuttle MB:
for instance.

I checked Shuttle's website, support, dwnld manuals.
no more results for this request (too old I reckon) BUT a link to theit FTP server...
there I think I found what you're looking for:

open your favorite FTP client (ie6 maybe...) and go to :
and DL the one you need....

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by RG11 In reply to

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by sleepsalot In reply to Have SN and model how ca ...

Go to download the aida32 program. it will give you any info you need.


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