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Have to reboot to recognize CD

By larryalbert ·
I have a problem that tends to follow me from computer to computer so it is not specific to the hardware. If I put a CD in the drive while the machine is up it will not recognize that the disk is there, however if I reboot and leave the CD in during the process the workstation reads the cd correctly.

This is very annoying and makes any type of installation extremely cumbersome.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Have to reboot to recogni ...

Couple of thigs.

If you mean the disk doesn't autorun when inserted, just run it from Exporer. When the PC boots it automatically initializes the CDROM.

If it is when you open Explorer it MAy be just that the page isn't refreshed, just hit F5 to refresh the page and it should find it.

That's kind of an odd question, especially if it follows you around, I'm assuming different pc's on different networks as opposed to identical machines on a network of course.

If it is the SAME CD that does this all the time, it probably doesn't have an autorun file and needs to be found in Explorer.

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by larryalbert In reply to

This is not an autorun problem. If I put a cd in my cd-rom it will not be recognized at all. If I go to explorer and hit refresh I will still see nothing. I could double click on the cd-rom and it will tell me to there is no cd. If I reboot while the cd is in the tray when the system comes back up I will then be able to see it. This problem follows me from work to home. I have tried logging on as another person and in the most case this will fix it but I have tried deleting my profile and starting fresh but this does not work either. Any clue? I have search the net for such a problem and found one other person so far who had the same problem but there were no responses to him either.

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by wlbowers In reply to Have to reboot to recogni ...

If this is a CD that you created and burned the session might not have been closed right.

I had that problem with a new build that cleared when I installed the software that created the disk.

Hope this helps.


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by larryalbert In reply to

This happens with original cd from the manufacture.

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by Juergen Hartl In reply to Have to reboot to recogni ...

I had the same problem some time ago. Shortly thereafter the CD drive stopped working all together.
If you have access to a diferent CD drive try a different one.

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by larryalbert In reply to

This happens in more then one location. It seems to follow me personally. I have a home computer that is running XP Pro and is a Sony Vaio with a cd-rom and a dvd burner. At work I have a desktop that is running Win2000 with a cd-rom and a cd burner plus I have my own laptop which has a combo cd/dvd rom but seem to have the problem on all three. I really think it has something to do with habits that I have.

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