have you an answer to this?

By amj2010 ·
since we put our desktop in a Raid formation, windows tells us that we have VSS and SSP error: there is not enough space on the destination disk for the system and image, although there is plenty room on the data disk of 1 terabyte. we looked on the net and quite other people seem to have the same problem...

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if you ccan answer these..

by seanferd In reply to have you an answer to thi ...

What exact make and model number of system is this?
With what RAID controller?
In which RAID configuration?
How many drives?
Under what operating system (be exact)?
And what exact error text?

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this is it...

by amj2010 In reply to if you ccan answer these. ...

it's a W7Ult dualcore intel machine with a gigabyte raid from intel controller 4GB ram, 3 HD internal, 2 of 500 GB and one 1 TB with an external USB story samsung 1.5 TB HD, so there should be plenty enough room to have a proper backup, sofar acronis did the job nicely, only ms backup gives us the creeps...

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