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Have you ever been asked a brainteaser in a job interview?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
Google has famously asked its interview candidates brainteasers like "how many golf balls fit into a school bus?" ( Have you ever asked or been asked brainteasers like this in a job interview? What were some of the best and worst ones you've come across? What's your opinion of it as an interview technique?
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by gogotraining1 In reply to Have you ever been asked ...

Brainin teaser in interview!!!

I heard it very first time. Now i should prepare myself for such questions too.

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by jitendravaswani In reply to Have you ever been asked ...

I have never been asked brain teaser questions ever I was lucky in that case

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by Mike_Cartwright In reply to Have you ever been asked ...

First time I've heard of brain teasers being asked during an interview. And honestly I'm relieved because I'm pretty sure I won't have the answer. lol

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Brainstrom questions during interview

by anjali.kulkari097 In reply to Have you ever been asked ...

It was 2 years back when I had the interview at the small company.... the experience really amazing because some interesting question that I was faced there. I have written some basic tips for interview if think you need some help for interview tips you can look this <a href="">amazing interview tips</a>

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Brain teasers

by sansu.abraham In reply to Have you ever been asked ...

I have been asked once. Some flight one.... I could not answer. Nor do I remember the question properly now.
Take a look at this article
How to Ace the Brainteaser Interview

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Have you ever been asked

by majury In reply to Have you ever been asked ...

One always reads about applicants having to be 100% honest, but most questions I've ever asked an interviewer provoke answers that cannot be counted on, aren't all that complete or accurate, and at best vague as compared to reality

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Brainteaser in a Job Interview

by jane21august In reply to Have you ever been asked ...

I have never been asked a brainteaser question ever, but I do think that I should be prepared with my answers for the next Interview.

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Once a long time ago I was asked a silly question like this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Have you ever been asked ...

By some git from HR. I just stood up said I'm sorry I thought this was a serious company and walked out.

Maybe if she didn't have that stupid smile on her face when she asked it things may have been different but I very much think not.

If any company has to resort to tricks like that I'm not interested in working there. If they do silly things like that to begin with what are they going to do once you are there?

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Mongolian hoard vs. Roman legion

by RFink In reply to Have you ever been asked ...

I was asked at an interview. If a Mongolian heard riding mutant tigers were attacking a Roman legion armed with light sabers, who would win and why?

I voted for the Mongolians on the theory that since mutant tigers are extremely rare they must have an army of magic users making them. Magic users at that high of a level could fry the Romans from a distance using lightning bolts spells and well as fireballs, weather control, golems and other high level spells long before the Roman were in range.

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