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Have you ever heard of a Peer 2 peer that's secured by WinXP client Admin?

By dainas ·
Hi I have just this last week been asked to look into a small network for the local community centre service in my area - they have no NM - and don't have info to tell me what's happened on their NW system in the last few years (or Anything about it)- network is my IT weak point, so I need help to help these people ...
So If anyone can tell me about Peer to peer networks using XP Pro and XP Home +'98 would be Greatly appreciated ........... I suspect that the guy who set it up used Admin rights in XP Pro to set the passwords and accessability of files across the network instead of just doing shared files, but But I'm not sure if that is possible - and I'm not sure if it was done this way

Please Help

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by fakir005 In reply to Have you ever heard of a ...

Music Industry must be pleased by WinXP Client adminstration if the client is meant to prevent Piracy. But I doubt it if anything is preventing the Music Piracy. The Music Industry is busy world wide winning judgements against the peer2peer sites. But the piracy end is not in site.

It seems that the music industry is having fun with its legal activity against the peer2peer sites because they generate a lot of publicity. Otherwise they would have read or heard about the alternate method of surfing the web discussed at and would have financially supported its development.

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Music and Ripoff artists

by dainas In reply to MUSIC INDUSTRY MUST BE PL ...

Hi Fakir 005
I've been a small contributer to the live music scene - I've played up and down my country in local venues like pubs and hotels ....... Are you saying that the recording companies are being more corrupt than they used to be ???

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