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    Have you had your bizarre email recently?


    by scotgig ·

    As a provider of bespoke websites for local small organizations, I often have to host a website for less than a year. It follows then that these websites are struck off in some way or another with my provider. Normally the process simply involves removing payment, removing a DNS and opting for no more communication regarding that DNS.
    However, to my shock, annoyance, then amusement, after successfully removing several months ago, two DNS and content, I received an email yesterday somewhere along the following lines…

    “Dear Customer, On previous occasions we notified you that your account is past due, for [website name 1] and for [website name 2]. Your account has now been changed to status ‘past due’ for these two website DNS and their hosting. If we do not receive payment within 5 days, we will be forced to suspend services until the matter is resolved.”
    Now, I still have other sites hosted with the same company and I hope they will not be affected.
    However, the email goes on “If you pay monthly the cost is $0. If you pay semi-annually, the cost is $0. This is a saving of $0. If you would like to pay annually, the cost is $0. This is a saving of $0.”
    Now, my arithmetic was never shiny, but a saving of $0 implies the cost is normally $0. Does this mean I have a right to a refund, because my hosting has up until; now, been overcharged by every penny,cent,franc or centime?
    And how are the going to prove, when I sue them for disrupting other services, because of non-payment on these two, that I didn’t pay the $0 in time? With all these unanswered questions, I’m off to see if I can carry out a $0 transaction with my credit card, just incase my hosting company are as pedantic as I am.

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