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have you heard,

By Jaqui ·
of GNU/Hurd?

The same base system as GNU/Linux, but using a different kernel.

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No, and it sounds like something I do NOT want to be

by Deadly Ernest In reply to have you heard,

standing in front of when they decide to panic and charge somewhere - I wonder how many GNUs do constitute a herd or a hurd.

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by Jaqui In reply to No, and it sounds like so ...

actually, it's an interesting concept.

the kernel handles only processes, even the device drivers are in user space, not kernel space.

some of the issues come from resource management, the kernel doesn't know that the ram content it just wrote to the swap partition is needed for the next process scheduled.

it's a fun way to really play with an os, figuring out what's going wrong and how to fix it before there is a stable release of anything for the os. even the kernel is pre-alpha.

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not GNU/Hurd...

by jck In reply to have you heard,

i know of GNU C/C++ compilers tho. lol

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not a compiler

by Jaqui In reply to not GNU/Hurd...

a replacement kernel..

though really it's the gnu system as userpace services on any unix kernel.

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by jck In reply to not a compiler

i knew it wasn't a compiler

i just first used GNU C back in about 1988 or so...during college. That's how i heard of GNU.

Gotta love the -S option, when you have an assembler course :^0

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No cant say that I have....

by ---TK--- In reply to have you heard,

But after reading your post, I did research it (a little). Very interesting read though!

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it is an

by Jaqui In reply to No cant say that I have.. ...

interesting idea.
unfortunately, the umber of bodies actively working on getting it running and usable is limited.

I'm thinking about forking the lfs books to be for the hurd. maybe if some of the problems with building can be documented, with solutions, more people will take an interest in working with the project.

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