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Have you run Windows ME

By mrydquist ·
If you have run or deployed Microsoft's latest consumer operating system, Windows Millennium Edition, I would like to hear what issues you have had with software and hardware. I would also like to hear your comments, good or bad, on Windows ME.

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Windows ME

by stu In reply to Have you run Windows ME

I am running ME, and I must say, I am impressed.
Before I got this pc nearly 2 years ago, the last pc I had been on was an old ZX Spectrum in 1986 - technology has lept forward, and left me well and truely behind.
This pc is a P2 400Mhz, and underW98 (which it came with), you could wait all day just for it to fire up. I had a lovely start up logo, could sit an watch it for minuets and often did. With ME, hit the power button and BANG! I am there, loading taskbar programs and the systray. Everything is easier to find - ME has all the things that W98SE should have had but didn't. The virtual/swap area is fantastic - using nearly 2GB (I have 17Gb empty), so I dont have as many memory run outs. Problems include a file architecture that a lot of other programs dont like ( for example, WinZip 8.0 wont install - hangs the system)and some backup programs wont (my copy of ME dont have backup). I have a shut down problem at the moment (window write protection error), but I think that is due to a USB game controller software. For someone like me, self-taught (not that I know that much, but I know what I dont know, if you know what I mean)ME is a good system. It will not allow you to run 2os, unless you have two hard drives, and have themloaded on seperate drives, and switch them through BIOS (as I do), but hey, nor will 98 so I cant complain there.
I have a friend that is running W2000. He had a look at ME, and was impressed, and this bloke dont impress easily! (he is industry, and I am currently studying to be industry). Good system, well done microsoft, but hurry up and get the driver updates out - there is still a few things that willnot run on ME, but have no problems on 98.
7 out of 10 for getting it almost right,
10 out of 10 for trying.

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I like it ,,,but it is not much of an up

by dan.klemann In reply to Windows ME

WinMe runs a little better than Windows98. It doesn't run any better than WIndows2k. It does not have as good of plug and play that WIndows2k has. It runs better and doesn't need to be restarted as often as Windows 98....I don't see any real reason to run it except to convert from Windows 2k for game support. That is all.

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windows me

by tongkie000 In reply to I like it ,,,but it is no ...

windows me is the best windows ever. faster than windows 98 and even more powerful than windows2000. windows me rules!!!!!!!!

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No, 2000 is better.

by amamsrd In reply to windows me

how can you say that windows rules? the only reason we use it is cuz we have no choice. plus, if you knew better, 2000 benchmarks considerably higher than winme.

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2k NOT better with a VIA chipset

by aalsop In reply to No, 2000 is better.

On the whole, 2000 may be more stable (and potentially faster) than the 9x series - and the cluster size for NTFS is FAR superior - but don't try running it on a newer motherboard that uses the VIA chipset. There are documented problems - and I canattest to them - random lockups left and right. There is no current solution. I dropped back to ME - still tweaking things to get the benchmarks up.

Now if they could get ME to run NTFS, THAT would be something =)

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by Gaidheal In reply to 2k NOT better with a VIA ...

No "on the whole" about it, NT2K is far more stable. not really. Same old NT problem, that being the HAL. Via chipsets were problematic under Win9x too, but yes, MickeySoft should have found it before release really. NTFS could easily be run under ME, but it never will. The reason is that Microsoft have deliberately chosen to separate the Home User market from the business market.

WinME - Home use, good for games not much else

NT2K - Business, stable (in theory at least) and great for running critical services etc, but with virtually no game support. At least none specifically for gaming.

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Faster? no Powerful? Unknown

by titusd In reply to windows me

Faster - Nope, I had to double my memory (now 64 meg) to get the same performance as Win98 2nd edition.
Powerful - Only had it 2 weeks - unknown.

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Windows ME Sucks!

by 1PinoyTechie In reply to Windows ME

I must admit WinME is an improvement to 98, which really does not say much. I find the system responds better to older systems (PII,AMDK2,etc...) I created a dual boot system with Windows 2000 on an old AMD 266 and the system ran nicely, but when I experimented with the PIII 550 I was having problems with the Media player on WinME would lock up. Maybe it was a bad DLL, but whatever the case, WinME was suppose to be a non DOS based operating and Microsoft obviously couldn't deliver. I still think Windows 2000 is far more of a superior system, especially since you can play games on the system, not like the old NT platform. Plus for all of you that run cable or dsl, Windows 2000 gives you a more secure and stable system. I'm sure you all know about the problems Win98 gave you, rest assured you will discover the same with Windows ME.

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Yep, it sucks

by gnutter In reply to Windows ME Sucks!

I've had my Athlon 600 system running stably on Win 98&2000 for more than six months now, and I'm a supporter of Microsoft, (well, mostly) but Win ME has disappointed me immensely, it rejects 70% of my software, accessories and games and has almost no modern hardware support.

In my opinion Win ME is the most user unfriendly OS released yet, it's got months to go before it's ready for release.

Come on Microsoft, get your act together.

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by patrick In reply to Yep, it sucks

I have Installed ME on 7 systems to date and the only thing I can say is it was not ready to be released yet seems that the systems that have the worst problems are the ATHLONS AND P3 OVER 400 ME has trashed every time I have tried to install on a large cpu system
leaving me to call a customer and explain why the system I have just built for him will not support the latest and cough cough greatest version of windows but like all things when it works it works great have had A overloaded cyrix 333 take to ME like it was a new stick of 128 with about the same increase in performance so beware be sure to back up and have your old defunct 98se ready to go back into service if anything goes wrong but if you are this far into looking at ME then you will prob upgrade no mater what anyone says just be carful,cross fingers buy whole rabbit ect ect ect and DO IT!

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