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Have you tried Skype?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll asks whether members have tried Skype, with the following answers:

Yes, I like it and use it often
Yes, but I don't use it regularly
Yes, but I didn't like it and don't use it
No, but I'd like to try it
No, and I don't have a use for it

Where do you fall? And if you have tried Skype, tell us a little bit about your experience with it and what you've liked and disliked about it.

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Skype in our workspace

by jwren In reply to Have you tried Skype?

We use Skype as our international softphone. Our phone system is TDM and does not allow us to deploy softphones at this time. As an solution we use Skype. An additional benifit is the cost, to "Skype out" cost less than PSTN we have clients and remote workers abroad and they can call home, conus clients or the HQ office. Many countries have blocked Skype downloads but have not blocked the packets thus far. The only thing we have found that conferance calls more than 3 persons on a good (broadband) connection becomes choppy (speaking of the audio stream only).

The video is a simple way to do video conferencing to the desktop-by no means VC quality but works if you just want a face to face.

I have friends deployed in the middle east, that use skype to reach out to loved ones in the US. It helps moral, is cheap and accessable to almost everyone that has a connection-and does not take a network administrator to set up.

I do have concerns about security, there encryption is based on network security, but what about encryption of the conversation? Is it safe to use?

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Skype was good to Okinawa, Japan but went downhill, no longer use.

by kunstj In reply to Have you tried Skype?

My wife used Skyke to call Okinawa, Japan for a while but it stopped working. We first started with cheap calling cards for 2-3 cent a minute but those ended up not charging us correctly. Too much hastle. Verizon was good of course but monthly charge of $4 per month plus 8-10 cents a minute. We then used AT&T calling cards, great, no problems but again 8 cents a minute. When we switched to vonage a year ago we used that at 6 cents a minute. Skype came along for 3 cents a minute. We tried it to save money but was annoying to have the computer on. Then after a while we were not able to complete calls or hear anyone on the line. This was going on for several weeks so we tried Skype, if it didn't work then we used Vonage. Calls from Skype to my cell went thru but not to Japan. When Skype worked we were on the line for about 60 min without problems. Now we use sunrocket which is great because it has the landline capabilities with no computer for 3 cents a min to Japan. Other great monthly rates!

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Yes, but I dont use it regularly

by stephen.fahy In reply to Have you tried Skype?

I Have a broadband Connection and had been using skype quite regularly with a Headset (?20) while the Sound wasnt great, I was getting Really cheap calls to Australia. I eventually bough the Skype Cordless Dualphone, but after many suggestions from Skype Users on their Forums, I was unable to get the Phone working Reliably. Basically it kept going offline, despite numerous config changes, including a number of sugestions from Duaphone to update to latest Drive and use an Old versin of Skype.

I have since changed to using a Local IP Telephone Service Provider, who supply a Linksys Box to plug into that takes any Cordless Phone. This then connects to a Physical Port on my Wireless Router. Im using Service through WWW.BLUEFACE.IE They provide Cheaper Calls than Skype, and the Sound quality is Superior using their Harware device. For ?20/Month you get 1,000 Minutes of calls to about 20countries, Free Voicemail, A Telphone Number, which means I have been able to Close my Service with Eircom, saving a lot on Line Rental, and Far cheaper Call Rates.

I use Irish Broandband to provide my Internet Connection through Wireless Dish on the roof of my house. I have 2MB Link with 25/1 contention.

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by rhmbgr In reply to Have you tried Skype?

Yes, but I don't use it regularly

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Yes I like it and use it often

by john In reply to Have you tried Skype?

Skype is great, I am from S Africa and my children have left home and are all over the country. I can regularly converse irrespective of where they are.
I haven't tried the video version yet, must buy a camera but will do soon.

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Regular User

by a.barnes In reply to Have you tried Skype?

I am a regular user of Skype for both voice and IM. I have generally found Skype to be a superior quality to PSTN when connecting for international calls.

I'm in the process of setting up a Skype Group so I can allocate SkypeOut credit and voicemail services within my company. My execs, who are very frequent travellers, use it in place of hotel phone systems.

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I have used it, but not often

by glenn In reply to Have you tried Skype?

I have only recently started using Skype, either to talk to my Nephew (UK) or to friends in India.
So far it has proved reliable and the 'talk' connections have been loud and clear with my broadband connection.
Until I have had a chance to use it more extensively there is not much more I can add, except "it works fine for me".

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SKYPE good, bad and ugly

by printpromotion06 In reply to Have you tried Skype?

Skype is a gr8 concept, I use it to stay in touch with my friends, the problem comes when I have to call a mobile or landline, because it is difficult for us sitting in India to pay in dollars or any other foreign currency. Would be gr8 if skype could have an Indian office which accepts payments in Rupees.

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Saved me a lot of money

by yaa In reply to SKYPE good, bad and ugly

I'm working abroad and I have used skype to call home. It has saved me a lot of money, as I am spending more than 1 hour talking home during the weekends (the internet connection is paid for by the company). Sometimes the delay is too big, but disconnecting and connecting again helps. OK, I've also had a bad day when I disconnect every 3 minutes, but usually the connection is very good - loud and clear.

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Skype Ringing

by Researcher75 In reply to Have you tried Skype?

Reception is almost as good as an ordinary phone but slight echo is a problem and for some reason, when I am contacted, my bell does not ring, even though my audio is set as per instructions??
Pricewise where used is very acceptable.


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