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    Having problem accessing PC on LAN


    by deacq ·

    I have two computers that are over 6 years old and started out with Win 7 Pro but are now upgraded to Win 10 when Microsoft released the free upgrade. Both computers are connected to my home LAN using a workgroup. When I open Windows Explorer on either computers and look under “Network”, the compute names can be seen. For example the computer names are ‘Antec’ and ‘Elite’.

    When I go on the Antec computer and open Windows Explorer, then click on the Elite name that is listed under the Network group, a Windows Security dialog box appears, prompting me for a Username and password. I get the same prompt if I go on the Elite computer and try to access the Antec computer.

    I don’t recall creating a password when I installed the OS on the computers, but I obviously gave each computer a name. How can I access these computers through the LAN so that I can share files between each other? Or is there a way to get rid of the passwords?

    Thanks for your help.

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