Having problem booting up...

By beernutsluvsu ·
I have a gateway 310x. I tried to upgrade the memory and video card. I have ddr33 pc2700 ram and i bought a cheap 3d fuzion video card so i could try to display my pc image on to my tv. I cannot get an image at all now. The fans and everything turn on, motherboard powers on, there is also a red light on near the front usb section on the motherboard. Any ideas why it will not work. Please help...

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Having problem booting up ...

You may want to put the old RAM and the old video card back and make just one change at a time. That will eliminate any other causes than just the particular change you last did.

Re-seating RAM and cards sometimes helps.

Does the PC beep during the POST sequence? The beep codes can point to a precise area of malfunction.

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No beep codes...

by beernutsluvsu In reply to Troubleshooting

There are no beep codes. I took out the video card, the video is onboard on my pc that came with it. I put the old ram back in it also. Everything i do there is nothing showing up on my monitor. There is a red light on the motherboard that is lit up now that i can't recall seeing before. I tried to find what it means but having no luck. Any other ideas??

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Go into your bios first

by Jesus_C In reply to No beep codes...

and enable the on board agp and try to boot again.If this works then go back into your bios and enable the agp slot on you mother board.Depending on you system you might have to have to disable the onboard after you enable the agp port to get it to work.

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oh i forgot.

by Jesus_C In reply to Go into your bios first

Remove the cmos battery first for five minutes,this should reset the bios to factory settings and remove the new card before you boot up.

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Can you get video at all?

by 3timestrouble In reply to oh i forgot.

If you go back to the original configuration can you get video? If not resetting the BIOS as stated above would be a good start. If that doesn't work pull everything out of the board with the exception of memory and cpu/fan and see if you get video. If still no luck pull the memory out completely and see if the MOBO beeps at you. If not it's prob dead.

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Dead Motherboard???

by beernutsluvsu In reply to Can you get video at all?

I took the battery out for 10 minutes had the original memory in and still no video. I took the memory out so there was no memory in it at all and there was no beeps. I do not have the new video card in just the on board one. The video card works i tested it in another pc. There is a red light on and under it on the motherboard it says IF Ront PANEL USB and above that is has CR9F1. Any idea what that is i don't remember it being on before.

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Gateway 310x

by jonathonvince In reply to Having problem booting up ...

You must not have a 310x pro computer. Mine is a 310x but not the pro version. It is deceiving it looks as if it takes 333mhz ram but look in bios and it says 266mhz. The red light that is lit up on the bottom of you motherboard means you have an incorrect ram assortment installed in your slot 0 in bios and slot 1. If this light is on then a gateway safeguard is the computer will do nothing. You will receive no video and you red loading light on the front of you computer will flash for a second and then go out. If you take all memory out of the slots you computer should be able to boot in bios from your gateway screen and their should be one green light on on the top of you motherboard. With no memory installed, in bios, it will tell you what mhz of memory you need for your board. I hope this helps.


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