Having Problem installing Sql 2005 on Window 7 home premium 64 bit

By Giwa ·
Good Day,
Am installing SQL SERVER 2005 and i get some issues.First i enabled IIS and it worked just fine when i enter http://localhost in the web browser but gave a warning message during installation of SQL server 2005.I also get a warning message in version registration requirement sql 2005. Then i ignored these warning and i continue the installation then a message pop up saying "Sql service cannot be started". So please i need help on how to SUCCESSFULLY install sql on my laptop with Home Premium 7 64bit.

Already download SP3 for sql server 2005 and installed it but i still got the same error message. Waiting your reply please.

This is a link to the error i get when am done with the installation.

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simple question

by brian In reply to Having Problem installing ...

is the version of sql2005 that you are installing 32 bit or 64 bit...if it is 32 bit being installed on a 64 bit os, it will cause all sorts of problems....learned from experience...

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Um probably won't install

by LarryD4 In reply to Having Problem installing ...

Home editions are locked down to usually not allow a true server app to install. If you are installing the Sql Server 2005 Express

Then you may get it to install, but I'm pretty sure a true "server" installtion from microsoft will fail when you try to install it on a Windows "Home" version.

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Having Problem installing Sql 2005 on Window 7 home premium 64 bit

by Giwa In reply to Um probably won't install

Thanks for the quick response.But @larry i installed Sql Server 2005 Express as you suggested using the link provided.But still got the same error as what i previous explained.This was always the error message i get "The SQL Server service faild to start.For more information, see the SQL Server Books Online topics,
"How to: view SQL Server 2005 setup log files" and "Starting SQL Server Manually.""....Would appreciate which ever options available. Cheers

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Clean out the prior installation first

by seanferd In reply to Having Problem installing ...

and clean the registry of associated keys after with something like CCleaner. Your prior installation is causing problems with the correct installation you are now attempting.

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Think small steps

by MyDIAB In reply to Having Problem installing ...

First what does IIS have to do with any of this. unless you are running reporting services IIS will not be required. It should install OK on window 7 providing you have everthing else correct. When you do the install only install the client tools and the database avoid OLAP, reporting services, or integration services, you can add all that later on the install take the defaut instance and if this is going to run on you personal computer have it run under the local system account, take the default correlation. During the install make sure nothing else is running and close everything you can. Sometimes you are required to install services packs after the install I would think with windows 7 this will probably be required for it to start. And last uninstall everything and start over. Note my experience has been with enterprise editions and developer but there all much the same under the hood. Hope this helps and good luck.

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