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i am having problem with my pc. last friday, when i boot up my pc..i hear a long beep.. i first thought that my cpu overheat.. i clear cmos data... i also remove the memory and put it back..when i boot up my pc..a message was displayed :

checksum error-default loaded
cpu has been change or cpu ratio fail.
change cpu setup,save before exit.

i change the time and date..i save before i exit..my pc restart...all are normal, but when i shutdown my pc and boot it..the error message always appear..what will i do???

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Sounds like your CMOS Battery needs Charging

by NZ_Justice In reply to HAVING PROBLEM WITH CMOS ...

If your cmos battery is a battery, simply replace the battery with a new one if your cmos battery is a capicitor, leave your pc on (in error mode) for a few minutes to see if it gets a significatant enough charge. If you still get the error leave it on longer. IF your issue is not resloved by this solution. I recomend you might have damaged the mother borad, or your memory ocnfiguration is incorrect.

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Besides replacing the BIOS Battery

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HAVING PROBLEM WITH CMOS ...

You need to set the CPU Detect to Auto so that it can Detect the Installed CPU.

When you originally cleared the BIOS you will have deleted this part of the System Storage that is important to the Computer to boot so you will be constantly given a notification that the CPU isn't set correctly in BIOS. This can range from Under clocking to Overclocking depending on what the defaults for the M'Board in your computer actually are.


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