Having problems downloading......

By tech19 ·
I'm having a porblem downloading music and other things from the web on my pc....i dont know if i deleted something. when i download, it shows me that its downloading but nothing happens when its done downloading. it wont show up anywhere i try looking for the downloaded files in folders but nothing.....can someone help.

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RE having problems downloading

by eyesak In reply to Having problems downloadi ...

What browser are you using?
Are you prompted where to save the file?
Are you using a download manager?
If you are prompted where to save the file - make sure and look there and take note of the file name.
Alternately you can save the file to your desktop if prompted.

What OS, Winoows XP / Vista other?


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having problems downloading

by tech19 In reply to RE having problems downlo ...

I'm using vista

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re problems downloading

by tech19 In reply to RE having problems downlo ...

Thanks for responding we have verizon fios, my homepage is msn, I also use yahoo Have windows xp, will try again to download and save to desk top

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re: problems downloading - Fios

by eyesak In reply to re problems downloading


You are welcome for the reply!

I would recommend using Internet Explorer for downloading to start with.
If you are not sure what browser you are using, click on Help, and there you will find about Verizon Yahoo browser - or it may say help - about Internet Explorer.

In order to see the help screen you may have to hit your "Alt" key on your keyboard - IF you do not see the Menu Items at the top of the browser - "File" "Edit" "View" etc.
In Internet Explorer you will be prompted where you want to save the program or file that you are downloading.
Once you are able to download - you may want to consider downloading another browser such as Firefox from:
This will give you a choice of browsers - Firefox is said to be faster and possibly more secure than Internet Explorer.

Good Luck with your downloading


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You are assuming Vista behaves the same as XP ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Having problems downloadi ...

Categorically it DOES NOT!

You will find that ALL the items you have downloaded (all the ones that you have been unable to find) are sitting inside a MIRROR-image of where you think they should be. That directory is within the USERS directory, in the sub-directory titled with your user name. This will be something like:..

C:\Users\User ID\Downloads

The main problem encountered by users who have 'graduated' from XP to Vista, is that the download dialogue box shows a truncated path to where the items are being downloaded to. It is normal for users that have previously been using XP, to assume that the path is the same as the one they are used to. But because of the truncation of the displayed path, they don't realise that the final directory lies elsewhere on the hard drive, although it seems to lie further up the directory tree.


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downloading problems

by tech19 In reply to You are assuming Vista be ...

ok thank you.
but this all started when i did a restore point....and i deleted all my restore now i have a restore point going up to may 16?....also i have been messing around with the pc trying to solve this problem....i have made several new acounts and deleting 1 right after the other....but what ur saying is that all my files are going in a different place....but do u thing it have anything to do with the restore point i did?...cause im having a bad feeling its because of that.

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Restore Points only affect installed programs ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to downloading problems

You are talking about downloads - downloads are DATA files that are not installed.

Whenever you access a restore point, if you have a look on the system restore 'calendar' it'll tell you WHEN the restore point was made. Most times it was made just before something was installed. By invoking that particular restore point, you take the computer back to the point just before that (perhaps problematic) program was installed.

Any data files that were sitting in a separate folder elsewhere on the hard drive, NOT INSTALLED, will still be there - uninstalled.

However, if you have been messing around creating and deleting new User IDs, that is a completely different ball game - in fact it's right out of the ballpark. I don't know what Vista might have done in these circumstances.

I would still advise you to start Windows Explorer and navigate to your own folder within the C:\Users\(User ID)\Downloads and see if your downloaded files are still happily sitting there waiting for you.

Don't forget to look inside the USER directory that you were using when you downloaded the files - not any of the other USER IDs that you have created since.

BTW - why did you delete all your other restore points?

OH - just in case - it goes without saying that if you deleted your USER (the one that downloaded all the stuff), then all your downloads got deleted also.

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trying to fix the problem

by tech19 In reply to Restore Points only affec ...

I thought that it was the account that was acting i made and deleted old ones...but the peoblem was still going on.

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Why don't you

by Jacky Howe In reply to Having problems downloadi ...

do another download and write down all of the steps and the "Save to" file location as you go.

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the steps i did

by tech19 In reply to Why don't you

well 1st i go to limewire, then i select the download option then it ask run or save i select save...i save it to my downlod file or it starts to save...when its done the page closes an when i go to my download folder theirs nothing?

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