Having problems pinging/connecting to a remote pc

By rp25uk ·
I have a vista laptop at home that I try and connect to from another location, but I cant even ping it. From the laptop, I can ping the internal ip, the router and it's own external ip.

Windows firewall and the router firewall are disabled, I don't have any AV or Internet security products. Shields up reports that all ports are blocked.

It's as if there's still a firewall running...

Any ideas appreciated :)

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You're brave

by robo_dev In reply to Having problems pinging/c ...

Have you ever seen the stats about how quickly a naked windows box gets hacked on the Internet? I think it's something like ten minutes. Don't say you were not warned.

My guess is that you have a device that 'looks like' a DSL modem, but it's actually a DSL NAT Router with firewall (e.g. Speedstream single port DSL router). That's what AT&T uses for DSL in this neck of the woods.

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re: you're brave

by rp25uk In reply to You're brave

I'll enable the firewall after I can get through to the machine and open an exception for it, but atm it's getting it naked that's the problem.

It is a router with a firewall, but I've disabled the firewall on it.

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by deity_chooch In reply to Having problems pinging/c ...

Is your router set up to forward requests to the private IP address? This could be the reason you cannot connect to it.

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re: nat

by rp25uk In reply to NAT

Yes, it is. I set it to forward everything to the laptop's IP until I can figure it out.

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