Having problems with PrtScn

By stasisaz ·
I've been having a problem getting the PrtScn to function when using an older program (Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds.) I was writing an article on it and need some screen shots. But the images I got back were color distorted, mostly black and unrecognisable. All three of the computers I have did the same thing. I'm running Win XP on all systems, each has a different MB/processor, and video card. I know the program can be screen captured because I'd done it years ago, plus there are screen shots when I Google image search. Anyone have any ideas?

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Games don't display the way they used to....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Having problems with PrtS ...

Todays games have layered pictures and don't capture the way they used to. Most people use an external 3rd party application to "grab" a screen shot. There are many available, some even free. GIMP is one of the free ones that is capable of grabbing a screen shot and saving it as a JPG, even giving you the capability of cropping the image to just the portion you want to see and resizing the picture to something you can use on the web.

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GIMP didn't work

by stasisaz In reply to Games don't display the w ...

I downloaded and installed GIMP, and it captured exactly the same almost black image as PrtScn and Paintshop Pro.

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Almost forgot. SWGB is not a newer game. (NT)

by stasisaz In reply to Games don't display the w ...
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You need a grabber designed for games, so try 'Fraps'...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Having problems with PrtS ...

Fraps is designed to be invoked before you launch your game program.

Its primary function is to display a real-time Frames Per Second counter for benchmarking purposes.

It can also grab a screen whenever you want by pressing a customizable key combination, set up by the user.

Download it from here:


I'll be very surprised if this doesn't work. :)


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by stasisaz In reply to You need a grabber design ...

Thanks. Fraps worked great.

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