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Having trouble building my first PC on m

By ddaniels10037 ·
Hello my name is Derrick and I am having a problem building my first PC on my own. I am not getting any power nothing is happening once I install my motherboard memory and harddrive to my case I bought a chieftec case (Dragon series) with an ATX motherboard and an anthon cpu and 256 sdram memory. can someone please guide me in the right direction.

Respectfuly Yours


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Have you.........................

by nick In reply to Having trouble building m ...

Has the case got a power switch on the back?

Have you connected the power to the m'board?

Stupid things but they catch out the best sometimes.

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and have you...

by GuruOfDos In reply to Have you................. ...

Moved the CMOS clear jumper from Clear to Normal?!!! This will stop 99% of ATX boards from powering up if the jumper is in the clear position (factory default!!)

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Clear as Default

by nick In reply to and have you...

I will bow to your obviously superior knowledge, GuruOfDos, but I have never found a cmos jumper set to clear on all the machines I have ever made.

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Power button cable connected?

by kabwee In reply to Clear as Default

Make sure that the power on/off button cable is connected to the motherboard

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Clear as Default

by nick In reply to and have you...

I will bow to your obviously superior knowledge, GuruOfDos, but I have never found a cmos jumper set to clear on all the machines I have ever made.

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Actually it's quite common

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Clear as Default

If you are dealing with the cheap M'Boards like the PC Chips Brand {I don't know if it is sold in the US} however quite a lot of unbranded M'Boards come with the CMOS jumper set to clear. I think it's to save the battery but I really don't know why this is so.

If you only use ASUS, ABIT,Intel, Soltek, Gigabyte or Tyan or numerious other well known branded M'Boards you won't run across this problem but with the cheap M'Boards nearly every one is set this way. And while I've never used these M'Boards on any unit that I have built there have been numerious repairs that required replacment M'Boards UG that I have fitted and the first time this caught me out and I wasted hours trying to find out what was wrong {of course it would have helpedto have the book or even the CD} but it is a trap for the unwary and something to keep in mind.

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Some more things to check

by TheChas In reply to Having trouble building m ...

I have had 3 of the last 7 AMD CPUs I have used arrive dead.

If the fan went on very hard, it is possible that the die on the CPU cracked when the fan was installed.

Make sure that the RAM is seated properly.
Same for the video card.

I have had a number of cases where the AGP card did not seat properly in it's slot.

Be at the minimum system configuration.
Just RAM 1 drive and the video card.

Check the 120-220 switch on the power supply.

For many socket A motherboards, I havefound that I need to reset the CMOS before booting.
I often need to go as far as pulling the power cord and battery for at least 1/2 hour to get that first boot.

Could you add a post with full details on your hardware?
This could help us determine what other problems you might be having.

As a side note, technical questions usually get more attention if they are posted in the Technical Q&A section.


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Trying All suggestions

by ddaniels10037 In reply to Some more things to check

Hello everyone I am attempting all the suggestions that were given to me and I will let you know how I made out as soon as possible. But I am keeping my ears plugged in for anymore great ideas from my fellow Technicians. Thank You all and God Bless.

Respectfuly Yours


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Just as no-ones mentioned it

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Trying All suggestions

With these AMD M'Boards you have two power connectors that must be pluged into the M'Board one is the 20 pin ATX connector and there is a seperate four pin connector that has to be pluged in or the thing won't work.

But I have a couple of questions for you if you haven't already got a solution.

When you put the heatsink on the M'Board did you have the M'Board on a flat surface?

Did you use a screwdriver to force the heatsink/fan clip onto the socket?

Did the screwdriver slip?

Did you follow some form of static control procedures when handling the M'Board before you installed it into the case?

Have you got the M'Board properly mounted with all the mounts in place and properly screwed down?

If you used a screwdriver toput on the heatsink clip then you could have damaged the die of the CPU in the process or if the screwdriver sliped you could have cut some of the tracks on the M'Board which will stop it from working. Also if you fitted the Heatsink with the M'Board not on a flat surface and insulated from the surrounding enviroment you could have damaged the M'Board by flexing it to the point where some of the contacts between the layers have lost their contact or if you didn't follow static control procedures then you could have killed either or both the M'Board and CPU.

What if anything happens when you attempt to switch the unit on?

Does it show any signs of life even so much as an LED lighting up on the M'Board?

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Part 2

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Just as no-ones mentioned ...

On all M'Boards there is a header strip generally in the lower left hand corner of the M'Board when it is in the case where you connect the case switches and LED's to, these can be very hard for the beginner as sometimes the books arn't all that clear on exactly where the varioue wires go and which way round they go for the LED's. Also if you have USB/Firewire ports on the front of the case disconect these and try again as they could be set the wrong way and adversly asffecting the fuction of the M'Board.

But put back a posting here telling us exactly what you have got and then maybe someone here can be of some help to you.

Also if you have got a cure for your problem let us know as there is no form of BAD knolledge and it just may be of some help to someone else in the future.

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