Having trouble mapping drive from win7 boxes to networked printer.

By Monty Palmer ·
We have two new win7 boxes on a 2k3 domain. The users have mapped drives with mapping being done in the logon scripts using the net use command. All drives mapped to the dc work flawlessly, however the drive mapped to the printer using the command net use Y: \\\File_share fail with the error 'The account is not authorized to log in from this station.'

All other workstations are XP SP3 boxes and have no problems mapping drives to the printer. The win7 boxes also have no trouble printing to the printer.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Verify the permissions on the printer's

by IC-IT In reply to Having trouble mapping dr ...

drive. Do they have the necessary permissions already?

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They are not new accounts...

by Monty Palmer In reply to Verify the permissions on ...

...so they have the same privs they did when they were logging into their previous XP boxes. Also the domain admin account logs into the win7 boxes with the same result.

Thanks for the reply by the way. Appreciate it.

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